Friday, October 05, 2012

A Quietly Dignified Respect for Nature

What do you believe it means to have a quietly dignified respect for nature?

As you may know, this globally accessible, ethereal, serene salon for world peace is situated in Adelaide, in Australia.

Adelaide is quite well known for its geographical uniqueness.  Although it is a large and relatively affluent city at present, with well over one million people, it is situated in the driest state on the driest inhabited continent.

Bearing in mind Adelaide's uniqueness, I frequently invite guests here to my ethereal little Adelaidean villa, in a digitally engaged way, to discuss world peace.  My other guests and I would like to know what part nature plays in your life, and your various opinions of the world.  I do hope you have a quietly dignified respect for nature.

Clean, fresh water probably has an influence on your health, your relationships, and your safety.  I would be particularly interested to know whether you believe access to clean, fresh water has a bearing on world peace.

Adelaide is affluent at present only because its entire population currently has access to a water supply of a reasonably acceptable standard for most human and industrial uses.  However, you may know that Adelaide's tap water has an unacceptable taste and smell for making refreshing cups of tea.  For this reason, I prefer not to use tap water for hospitality purposes.

A quite sophisticated system for collecting and filtering rainwater has been designed and implemented here at my little villa so that I am able to enjoy my favourite beverage on a daily basis.  I usually have enough clean rainwater not just for tea, but also for use in cooking.  

Although the system was quite expensive to install, I believe the most important investment any enlightened, relatively affluent personage can make is towards a personal supply of clean drinking water.  It may, indeed, be an essential step towards creating world peace.

This little villa does not have a swimming pool, a spa bath or a power shower.  Its gardens are mainly devoted to producing food rather than ornamental plantings.  The activities here, both inside and outside, are intended to keep all forms of pollution and waste to a minimum.  It is why my little villa has also been provided with an adequate array of solar panels.

In Adelaide, stormwater management is very important.  The Adelaide parklands are very important, too.  The two are now becoming more intertwined.

A quietly dignified respect for nature aims to encourage a better relationship between humans and the world around them, so that the needs of humans and other forms of life can be met fairly and peacefully.  

And now it is time for tea.


Whilst you are enjoying your tea, please take this opportunity to contribute to the creation of world peace.