Monday, October 20, 2014

World Peace Starts Here

When have you known where something important originates?

In preparation for the 2015 World Enlightenment Forum, this serene Adelaidean salon has been re-opened to thoughtful members of the public.

Many other areas of Villa Twaklinilkawt are currently out of bounds, though much is happening behind the scenes.

Celebrating world peace in Adelaide
In the past, this salon has often been used as a dining room.  It has also been used as a drawing room.  Originally, it was one of the main state rooms of the villa, where ethereal heads of state could feel at home and reflect upon their own contributions to world peace.

Unfortunately, very few heads of state in history, and even fewer heads of government, have been noted for their contributions to world peace, hence the necessity to convert one of the former state rooms into this much more inclusive salon.  Enlightened democracy is a necessity for world peace, it seems.

Democratic purposes in Adelaide
The other state rooms have also been converted for democratic purposes.  There is an enlightened library nearby, which is an especially peaceful, informative and reformative location.  The library was once the state bedroom.

The other main state room has been converted into a magnificent international and transnational music room. It is situated nearest to the main hallway.

As you are currently in Adelaide, Australia in a digital and ethereal manner, if not a material and physical one, it is likely you will want to know how world peace is beginning in this vicinity.  A few carefully selected historical notes and news reports have recently been collated by a highly experienced team of citizen-journalists for your urgent perusal:

Reflections on historically important individuals and peace

Reflections on the peaceful transition from past to present to future

Reflections on the peaceful production and presentation of art

Reflections on peaceful and not-so-peaceful events