Friday, January 23, 2015

A Culture of Peace

How do you usually participate in a culture of peace?

As I welcome you to the third day of the 2015 World Enlightenment Forum, many aspects of world enlightenment and a culture of peace will be presented here in this salon for creating world peace sufficiently.

As this appears to be your first visit here, dear guest, I hope you will feel comfortable.  I do my best to be inclusive.

Regular visitors will be aware that enlightened peace will be the main theme of the World Enlightenment Forum today.  It is, of course, a regular topic of conversation here in my salon, in peaceful minds, peaceful relationships and peaceful arts.

If you have been investigating the science of peaceful communities yourself, whatever your age, you may wish to examine some interesting evidence presented in my science studio.  In the same location, you will be able to learn more about my philanthropic pursuits.  The concierge will most likely be available to welcome you there.

On the first day of the 2015 World Enlightenment Forum, earlier this week, we began, of course, by discussing enlightened Adelaide, enlightened news, enlightened views, enlightened being and enlightened leadership.  You will, no doubt, be aware that this salon is situated, physically and digitally in Adelaide, in this modest little Villa Twaklinilkawt.  Everything about this location is devoted to a culture of peace.

Yesterday was the second day of the World Enlightenment Forum.  I do hope you managed to attend some of the sessions on enlightened democracy.  They were, indeed, most fascinating.  Unfortunately, your own contributions are not yet familiar to me.

My salon has been a source of knowledge about enlightened democracy for quite some time now, as have the regular guests in my parlour, and even my most competent servants.  Yesterday, the Enlightened Nations held its general session in the parlour, as an integral part of the World Enlightenment Forum.

As I have discovered, from the research in my science studio, whilst observing the world as unobtrusively as possible, creating world peace requires no more from you than an awareness of how to improve your own quality of life, and that of others.

I usually have a gentle and ethereal approach to my research, raising all sorts of ethical and aesthetic standards of living and thinking, in a subtle and careful way.  I do so mainly through my work at the International Training Centre for the Harmonious Interplay of Beauty, Understanding and Magnificence.

As I am an ethereal personage, my serene salon for creating world peace extends far and wide.  It has no fixed material or temporal boundaries.  It can even be found within Lady Facebookian's well-known establishment.  This may be perceived as quite unusual to you though it is scientifically verifiable using little more than your own observational abilities.

Throughout this modest little digital dwelling, guests are able to indulge in various refined and magnificent possibilities.  Usually my guests are subsequently invited to present a delightfully enhanced influence in the world at large, even on a grand scale.  I am here to assist that noble pursuit, of course.  This manifestation of my salon is reflected into your mind through a shining screen, apparently.

I usually conduct my salon in the quietest withdrawing room of Villa Twaklinilkawt.  I do so for the simple reason that I wish to ensure my guests experience inner peace when creating world peace.

There are no longer any state rooms here.  The state of states, as indicated by the Enlightened Nations meetings, has profoundly indicated to me that enlightened leadership, enlightened democracy and enlightened peace are not currently to be found through 21st century governments, anywhere in the world.  I have become even more profoundly aware of this since becoming a head of state myself.  The best rooms here have therefore been transformed for the best of purposes.

Now, do allow me to present some of the themes of today's sessions of the World Enlightenment Forum.  You may like to add a few suggestions of your own regarding suitable topics for discussion:

6. Magnificent possibilities