Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Epiphanies of Peace

When have you experienced an epiphany of peace?

As a personage of peace, and as one of the modest moderators of the world, it is my duty to ensure this salon is always light and delightful, however difficult the subject matter.

My purpose is to ensure as many guests as possible can experience epiphanies of peace, regardless of their religious views or lack of them.

My own epiphany occurred long ago, as even the Magi themselves will attest.  I am known for my impeccable, secular credentials, particularly through my educationally enlightening and managerially uplifting career as the chief executive officer of the International Training Centre for the Harmonious Interplay of Beauty, Understanding and Magnificence.

Peaceful relationships often require epiphanies of one sort or another.  They may be inspired by peaceful art, peaceful places and/or the peaceful minds of others.  There are widespread social tensions in many parts of the world.  Income disparities continue to widen within and between many countries.

How we choose to respond to the structural issues of unfairness will determine how our own peaceful epiphanies will express themselves in the world in 2015 and beyond.

As I write these words, the hills not far from here are on fire.  The future of good water and good tea are obvious considerations in such a situation.  The brightness of the light outside the window and the heat of the sun are a stark contrast, too, to the cool calmness of my mind.

Yesterday, I ensured care services were suitably reported in the local vicinity, to prepare the public for the difficulties ahead.  Providing suitable employment in the care of others is certainly necessary, as long as it provides peace and happiness to all concerned.  The same applies to volunteer activities, of course.

There are so many threats in the world, with inadequate responses to changing climates, the prevalence of cyber-attacks, and the lack of public trust in economic policies and political leadership.  Much of the online world itself is tasteless and exploitative.  Finding a place of calm anywhere is rare.  Shining screens bring the tragic experiences of strangers and the destructive powers of nature and aggression into the minds of millions.  Feeling powerless to respond effectively somehow seems both normal and wrong.

Agricultural land and small towns are continuing to be transformed into megacities.  Hopes of rising prosperity in Asia are matched by lower expectations of affluence in Europe and similar economies.  The online world provides promised knowledge as well as dangerous escapes and misinformation.

In response, it is wise to be careful, to be caring, to be trustworthy, to be cautious, to be calm, to be peaceful, to be generous, to share wisdom and to share prosperity, not only to guide future generations towards their own epiphanies of peace, but to be guided by their experiences of the world in order to provide enlightened leadership.