Sunday, August 02, 2015

A Global Gathering for Peaceful Leadership

How often do you arrange and attend a global gathering for peaceful leadership?

This serene salon for creating world peace has often been known to gather strong, enlightened cultural leaders from around the globe, in an ethereal, digital way, for suitably universal purposes.  One of those purposes is currently being pursued in relation to a predicted event of great significance.

A one-day, worldwide orchestra/ensemble/band with a glorious, global choir has been proposed in order to celebrate the event in question.  This will be a beautifully combined, united effort between all musically-minded persons of reasonable competence and good taste, regardless of their timezones and tour schedules.  Co-ordinating this endeavour certainly requires your leadership.

Wherever you may be on Wednesday 27 January 2016, please make a note in your long-term diary now.

It will be necessary to do all you possibly can to ensure you will be a magnificent participant, whether as a singer, instrumentalist, support person, choir director, orchestral conductor, ensemble practitioner, location provider, technology supplier or costumier.  The world, understandably, needs your leadership with great urgency.

All leadership in the cause of world peace, and other forms of good taste, requires non-egocentric strength of character, compassion, sensitivity, and the ability to influence and inspire other persons to compose themselves sufficiently with true dedication.

Strong leadership of the most suitable sort is certainly required.  For such a large-scale proposal, everyone will show leadership in many ways.  Everyone will, hopefully, be following the same guidelines - as written by Mozart himself.

No-one assists the 21st century Enlightenment better than Mozart. If you, or anyone you know, can sing or play his...
Posted by Assisting the 21st Century Enlightenment on Saturday, 25 July 2015

Without the ability to inspire other people to acquire enlightened minds, cultural leaders cannot reach a level above politics for political leaders to emulate.  As all regular visitors to this ethereal salon will be aware, excellent leadership is both strong and enlightened.

If you are a strong leader, you will know how to plan, encourage others, inspire dedication and motivation, and ensure projects reach fruition to the required standard.

If you are an enlightened leader, your decisions will be based on the well-reasoned, evidence-based desire to alleviate the needs of as many people as possible, with the resources available.

Strength on its own is often misused.  However, weakness in leaders usually equates with uselessness.

Enlightenment on its own is powerless.  Enlightenment without power achieves little of consequence.

People believing themselves to be strong, enlightened leaders are usually incorrect in that assumption.  They have even been known to be presumptuous despots, which is exceedingly unfortunate.

As history has often shown, perceptions of strong leadership have unfortunately equated with warmongering.  Strength of leadership has only occasionally been identified in persons willing to defend societies against warmongers.  In such circumstances, those who judge often do so in hindsight, after victory has been declared.

It is your duty, therefore, as a suitably strong and truly enlightened cultural leader, to set a good example.  You will have the ability to show the world how strong, enlightened political leadership may itself become possible, especially in flourishing, peaceful, democratic societies.  Mozart reflected this through his music.  What do you reflect?

Do you ever consider the digital world to be an ethereal sphere of influence?
Posted by Creating World Peace on Sunday, 26 July 2015

In view of the above, will this proposed celebration of a birthday be successful?  Expressing creativity in the digital world is often a challenge.  Everyone else wishes to be creative - or destructive - through the same, ethereal sphere of influence.

You, as the probable owner of a few digitally expressed ideas yourself, and with access to at least one compatible technological device for the purpose of that expression, have just as much chance to provide enlightened cultural leadership through the digital sphere as anyone else.

It is not a sphere owned or controlled by politicians or corporations at all, or anyone else - at least for now.  Hearts and minds, all around the world, coming together for peaceful purposes, in a non-confrontational, uplifting and celebratory way, will need to begin gathering the singers and players together online immediately.

Through this salon for world peace, it has been proposed that climatological crises can be addressed and possibly averted in the same manner as the conduct of Mozart's 260th birthday celebrations.  Could this truly be possible?

A global gathering of peaceful leaders, such as yourself, does not need to be in one place:  It just needs to be in one time, if possible.  Much of the work for this project needs to be completed before the end of November, mainly due to the fact that the main rehearsals will coincide with an event in Paris.

All leaders, and all followers for that matter, are all in one place, all of the time, in fact, when seen from space.  You, as a strong, enlightened cultural leader, will be required to conduct your rehearsals and performances in an environment of carbon neutrality, if at all possible.

If the world cannot come together to play the same tune in a technically-skilled, well-informed musical manner, how can it possible come together to address the most urgent task in the world?

Composing an enlightened, global climate policy probably requires the strong, enlightened leadership of a genius to support the cause.  Through the harmonious interplay of a symphony of evidence-based science, the world can begin to orchestrate good policies based on applied climatological effectiveness.

The ladies have been examining this subject.
Posted by Revolutionary Climatological Needlepoint Committee on Sunday, 26 July 2015

It is well known that music, like politics and all other matters of taste, tends to be divisive.   Not everyone enjoys the same tunes, instruments and voices, particularly when the sounds are connected with words or when peace equates to quietness.  Languages divide, too, of course, as do culturally acquired perceptions.  These problems will need to be addressed - by you.

Mozart, as the most universal of musicians, provides hope.  For the choirs, though, what should be the meaning within the lyrics chosen?  What should be the language of peace, and how may it promote an existentially acceptable agreement on climate policies?

Will the world find its way through the darkness of irrational denialism?  The main choice is between enlightenment and annihilation.

Cultural leaders, unlike political ones, often have the ability to display creativity in solving large and small problems.  Some of that creativity can be very beautiful indeed.

Documenting your involvement in this musical project will be essential, through whatever media and methods are most suitable for your creative expression.  You may also wish to compose a suitable, global climate policy, if you have the time.

Have you begun to gather a global ensemble and choir together yet?  If so, what do you intend to perform?