Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Starting Again from the Beginning

How often are you expected to start again from the beginning?

Throughout the day, here in Villa Twakinilkawt, many people gathered for a variety of reasons.

They gathered in the hallway to discuss health matters.

They gathered in the parlour to discuss birthdays and controversies.

They gathered in the service wing to keep everyone happy.

They gathered in the music room for Renaissance re-rehearsals.

A rebirth is again required in the world.  A new rebirth.  A fresh beginning.

Many years ago, possibly on this day, maybe in the year 1397, approximately, no-one can be quite sure, a musician was born, or rather a future musician was born.  His name was Guillaume Dufay.  It is not known if Guillaume had a sister with an equal or better musical talent than his own, like Mr Mozart.

I have returned briefly to my Australian cultural centre, here in Adelaide, having arrived quietly late this afternoon when most of the guests were leaving.  My work in establishing cultural centres all around Nilkawt has been keeping me very busy.

Bringing peace to the world should never be confused with escaping from the world.  Most people, particularly young people, live in a world of dreams, not reality.  They exist in reality, but their minds are often elsewhere.

The reality of peace in the world can only occur when existence and reality and dreams are as one.  Will this ever happen?

Unfortunately, much of the most beautiful music of the Renaissance, like much of the art of that time, connects with an oppressive, unreal ideology linked with unenlightened, authoritarian ideas about religion.

Guillaume Dufay was a musician of the Burgundian School, sponsored by the Duchy of Burgundy.  He was the son of an unknown priest and an almost unknown woman by the name of Marie Du Fayt.  Such conditions of origin have never been unusual.

No-one is quite sure when Renaissance music begins and ends.  Like many beginnings and endings, the new often emerges from the clouds of experience and conformity gradually until a new conformity takes hold.

To listen to the past, now, is to defy trends of the new, as imposed by other people.  Starting again from the beginning, and carefully choosing that beginning, is an expression of freedom and peace.