Thursday, September 17, 2015

Enlightened Nations

Which countries do you believe should be eligible to join the Enlightened Nations?

Here in Villa Twaklinilkawt today, the current session of the Enlightened Nations is about to be begin.

You, dear guest, are highly privileged to have attained consultative status, even though the status of your own enlightenment, and that of your nation, is yet to be accurately assessed.

This ethereal room is usually reserved for grand occasions and especially my globally renowned salon for world peace.  The room now also acts primarily as the main ethereal dining room of Villa Twaklinilkawt.

The original, smaller dining room, on the ground floor, has recently been renovated for local purposes, which is why international matters are now being discussed more exclusively in this upper floor location.

Until recently, the Enlightened Nations mainly met on the ground floor, most usually in the parlour meant for you and your enlightenment.  Unfortunately, that location is also often required for local purposes, though it will soon be transformed, at least temporarily, for semi-international literary pursuits, I am very pleased to announce.

You are, of course, now digitally and imaginatively situated in my Adelaidean occasional residence within the main house of Villa Twaklinilkawt.  Later, you may be invited to take a tour of this celebrated international establishment.

My duties as the head of state of one of the leading nations of the Enlightened Nations, namely Nilkawt, allows me the opportunity to participate in creating world peace on a daily basis.

You, dear guest, are assumed to be an enlightened cultural leader if not an enlightened political one.  I hope you are aware of the issues outlined above.

As I am sure you are aware, violence occurs either when people feel understandably threatened or when their neurological integrity has been undermined.  Without healthy brains, perceptions are likely to be distorted and threats imagined.

Knowing who in the world has a healthy brain, preferably containing a healthy mind, is not as easy as it may seem.  Prejudices are common regarding such matters.

It is easier to identify, at least superficially, who is likely to have a brain of adequate maturity.   This is often indicated in accordance with the apparent age of a person.  It is not usually possible to be adequately mature whilst under the age of twenty-five years.

Even so, it is possible to acquire a wide range of skills and abilities at every age, at least when the aptitude and opportunity are present.  Young people require enlightened guidance and courteous supervision until they are able to become enlightened citizens of full maturity.

At this meeting of the Enlightened Nations, we are awaiting your Address to the World.  We are deeply concerned about the demographic aspects of distress and seek your guidance on how to resolve the problem.

Ordinary mortals, including political leaders, usually fail to notice that the development of large, impersonal cities has become one of the most significant threats to courtesy in the world.  At the same time, people in rural areas remain largely in ignorance of the natural and cultural diversity of human existence.

Cities allow the mixing of former rural dwellers with persons who have always been urban.  Every city has developed as a consequence of problems in rural areas.

Natural disasters create fear and poverty.  When no more rural land is available upon which new settlements can thrive, cities provide the only remaining hope for survival.

Yet when violent conflict occurs in cities, where are people to go?  Urban areas have expanded with extraordinarily rapidity since the signing of the United Nations Refugee Convention in 1951.

In Nilkawt, where I am the head of state, demographic considerations are based on science.  There are no young persons in Nilkawt.  Everyone entering Nilkawtian territory for the first time does so as a mature adult visitor on a short-term visa.

It is not possible to become a Nilkawtian without first becoming a visitor and later a migrant.  Both processes involve a large amount of training, assessment and expense.

Nilkawt is a leading member of the Enlightened Nations.  Even so, as no-one is permitted to enter Nilkawt unless of full maturity, with the correct visa, and with an Australian passport in their name, the meetings of the Enlightened Nations are held here in Adelaide in Australia.

Please note, however, that Australia itself is not yet a member of the Enlightened Nations.  This is much to be regretted.

Besides yourself, dear keynote delegate, there are several official civil society representatives in attendance at this meeting today, including myself in my additional capacity as the global campaign manager of the world renowned and astonishingly remarkable Mozarty Party.

You may wish to acquaint yourself with the highly enlightened asylum seeker policies of the party.  It is something I highly recommend.

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