Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Observer Status at the Enlightened Nations

Who deserves to have observer status at the Enlightened Nations?

Of the guests invited to this salon for world peace, most arrive only with observer status.  Those persons may already have the right to speak downstairs in the parlour, but not necessarily here in this salon.

The main responsibility of persons with observer status, in any situation, is to be quietly reflective, gently appreciative and willing to acquire an informed acquaintance with additional enlightenment.

Today, the Enlightened Nations will be holding one of its general sessions here in my salon.  As with the official representatives of member states, all observers at the Enlightened Nations are required to uphold the Non-Belligerence Regulation.  That regulation states that any agreement or disagreement is only fair when it reflects the desire for peace, health, hygiene, safety, security, creativity, comfort and privacy, for all persons, everywhere.  This applies on a personal, interpersonal and international basis.

Here in my serene salon, and throughout Villa Twaklinilkawt, reasonable, local and global dialogue has been possible for many years.  My guests and I frequently examine the problems caused in the past and their ongoing influence.

I often express a sense of duty towards expanding the peaceful, global public sphere of benevolent observation and enlightened policies.  This requires me to act:

1. On an interpersonal level, here in my salon;

2. On a national level, in Nilkawt;

3. On a diplomatic level through:

a) The Australian Political Reform Club

b) The local promotion of quality journalism

4. On an international level through:
a)  The Enlightened Nations itself
b) The Mozarty Party 
c) The Revolutionary Climatological Needlepoint Committee, and 
d) The International Training Centre for the Harmonious Interplay of Beauty, Understanding and Magnificence.

The Enlightened Nations are peace-loving peoples, with peace-loving governments.  Those nations live in harmony with a range of compatible cultures in accordance with all sorts of edifying pursuits.

In comparison, peace-loving does not mean anything in practice for member states of the United Nations.  In fact, those states often experience civil unrest, civil war and militant disruptiveness when they are not attacking each other.

Nations within the Enlightened Nations are never based on religion or any other cultural idea likely to be the source of unenlightened argumentation, unseemly confrontation and the possible abuse of human rights.   Wars, including civil wars, are often of the military and paramilitary sort, directly or indirectly.  They are usually also of the political and ideological sort and the economic sort.

Enlightened nations do not provide concessions or other privileges for the benefit of empires, as all empires, whether national or corporate, are created through aggression.  Usually armaments, arguments and accountancy are combined in most conflicts to some extent, with one aspect dominating the others from time to time.

Non-government, non-corporate empires are, for example, excluded from observer status due to their bureaucratic structure. Most government are excluded from observer status because they promote debt, death and unproductive taxes.

Many institutions provide an opportunity to attain observer status in relation to their own activities.  The Enlightened Nations has not yet received observer status at the United Nations, and vice versa, of course.

All observers at the Enlightened Nations are treated equally with each other but not with official representatives of members states.

Most persons from the United States of America are unable to attain even observer status here in this salon, regardless of whether the Enlightened Nations is in session in this location.  This is mainly due to the fact that such persons tend to have an inadequate understanding of Australian history.  They also tend to be rather domineering.

No nation may join the Enlightened Nations if it grants unfair pardons or violates any other principle of equality before the law.  Selfish people act selfishly only because no-one has stopped them from acting selfishly.  Unselfish behavior is based on mutual respect and a desire to understand different points of view through the encouragement of reasonable dialogue.

Official observers at the Enlightened Nations are aware that acclaim is usually indicative elsewhere of the point of view of the loudest voices, not the most enlightened ones.  It is for this reason that shouting is forbidden during the Enlightened Nations sessions, as is applause.  No enlightened person would ever encourage coercion or even the mildest form of peer pressure.

Nor are any members of the Enlightened Nations permitted to allow self-congratulatory electoral acclaim, any sort of applause or even a standing ovation to occur within their territories, unless democratically warranted.  A standing ovation may only occur at a meeting of the Enlightened Nations itself immediately after a vote has passed unanimously.

Unlike the United Nations, which currently has two non-member states amongst its observers, as well as a large quantity of inter-governmental organisations and a small quantity of other entities with observer status to some degree, this salon, and by extension the Enlightened Nations, only allow individuals to attain observational rights, rather than institutions.  There is, of course, a proper training process through which applicants must succeed before gaining admittance.

Training sessions are usually held in the parlour.