02 December 2016

The New Routine

As it is now just past midnight on the first official day of my new, regular salon for world peace, I am pleased you have managed to arrive here as expected.

This is the first Friday of December 2016, of course.  Do you intend to be here for the first Friday of each month throughout 2017?

10 November 2016

Preventing Presumptuousness

As you will probably have encountered yourself, dear guest, there is an impertinent amount of presumptuousness in the world, including well-meaning presumptuousness.  I have been wondering, therefore, whether you usually consider yourself, in relation to your social, intellectual and economic interactions, to be a trainee, a servant, a colleague, or by some other descriptive term.

Most of the volunteers here in Villa Twaklinilkawt consider themselves to be trainees.  Several of those individuals are participating in structured work experience placements and internships at present but they are generally not paid for their performance.  They usually still have much to learn.

09 November 2016

Global Consequences

Oh dear.  It is so difficult to find good help nowadays.

Political servants enjoy blowing trumpets and plastering their names all over buildings and screens.  They generally make a considerable nuisance of themselves.

There are many political servants with ambitions to turn the entire world into one big casino and golf course complex.  They want to keep building big walls between rich and poor neighbourhoods.  They want to keep blowing up big populations.  They want to keep destroying climates and pretty scenery.

04 November 2016

Sending Out Important Invitations

As you may have noticed, dear guest, I am often required to send out vast quantities of invitations.  It is one of my usual occupations, of course.

How often have you been invited to create world peace, either as a solo performer or as part of an ensemble?

I do my best to ensure I do not inundate anyone with my hospitality and philanthropy though I am unsure as to why most mere mortals rarely reciprocate.  My suspicion is that they are lazy, socially awkward and reluctant to examine the required, prior readings.

01 November 2016

Peace, Quiet, Comfort and Privacy

To feel at peace often means to feel safe and relaxed, away from the prying eyes of voyeurs.  To have nothing to hide means to have nothing between the ears.  No thoughts.  No feelings.  No self-respect.  No consciousness.  No life of one's own.  No mind of one's own.  No security.  No identity.  No choice.  No creativity.  No meaningfulness. No peace. No quiet. No comfort. No dignity.

25 October 2016


My dear guest, I usually invite you here in your capacity as a citizen-philanthropist.  Although you may sometimes believe I invite you here through your duties as a citizen-journalist and citizen-advocate, I am particularly interested in your philanthropic and citizenship pursuits more generally.

22 October 2016

Media for Peace

How can the use of media, including social media, create a better, more peaceful world?

07 October 2016

A Day to Remember Pleasantly

What have been the predominant features of earlier days you have remembered pleasantly?

03 October 2016

A Peaceful Afternoon

For thousands of years, the desire to create world peace has resulted in failure.  The main question of the defeatists is often: Why bother?

26 September 2016

Living without Obsessions

In Australia, as elsewhere, the people who obsessively want to acquire an excessive amount of political power, whether they obtain political power or not, often appear primarily interested in large amounts of money.  They want to have control of large amounts of money even without really knowing what to do with that money except to spend it on a whim of their own choosing.  They usually confuse vanity with magnanimity.

18 September 2016

07 September 2016

Your Caring Duties

There is no more important caring duty than creating world peace.  For a person with a serious yet enlightened disposition, combining that duty with other caring duties is not at all difficult, as long as everyone else does a fair share of the caring.

04 September 2016

What Shall We do with the Drunken, Lecherous Sailor?

It is impossible to trust a drunken, lecherous sailor, or even just a drunken one.

Unfortunately, drunken, lecherous sailors have been all too common in military and merchant shipping services.  And everyone pays the price for that.

03 September 2016

To Be Truly Free

I have invited you here for breakfast this morning for a very special reason.  Please be seated. 

29 August 2016

The Beginning of the Digital Twaklinesque Festival of Peace

Whatever your views about religion or art or politics, you are invited to make a peaceful and possibly additionally useful contribution to the Digital Twaklinesque Festival of Peace.

24 August 2016

In Memory

Have you ever thought about whether there is actually a connection between memories and intended memorials?

22 August 2016

The Encouragement of Enlightened Kindness

The purpose of this serene salon is usually self-evident to reasonably observant guests. 

18 August 2016

Successfully Peaceful Economic Leadership

There is very little difference between successfully peaceful economic leadership, successfully peaceful cultural leadership and successfully peaceful political leadership.

17 August 2016

Overcoming Corruption with the Assistance of Enlightened and Talented Servants of Peace

Today, in this serene salon for world peace, our discussion is likely to include a few words about corruption.

15 August 2016

Mental Health and Peace

Health is meant to mean wholeness and wholesomeness.  It is meant to mean goodness and graciousness and gracefulness and gratitude.  It is meant to mean peace.

13 August 2016

Census Processes, Birthdays and Peace

A census can reveal many things about people, and about the world, including why the world is in a mess.  This is particularly the case when a census process is developed and implemented in an atmosphere of secrecy and incompetence.  That process may sometime even simulate totalitarianism.

08 August 2016

Political Legitimacy in Theory and Practice

When putting scientifically verifiable Twaklinological theories into practice, any reasonably competent Twaklinological practitioner will quite likely wish to be even fairer than before, and more efficient and more effective.  This is usually possible after receiving advanced training.

06 August 2016

How to Develop and Maintain a Secure and Stable Financial System

The problem with unenlightened bankers is that they have a tendency to think alike.  That is not at all surprising considering the inadequate training they have received.

05 August 2016

Strictly Confidential By Law

When something is strictly confidential, especially strictly confidential by law, it is difficult to map.

24 July 2016

A Brief Retreat

What do you believe it means to retreat?

14 July 2016

A Caring Salonnière

There is never any dishonesty, coarseness or scheming permitted here in my salon for world peace, or anywhere else in Villa Twaklinilkawt.  The language here is always without belligerence and pretensions.

01 July 2016

Literature for Peace

Although the library of enlightenment, here in Villa Twaklinilkawt, is itself a place of peace, it is unlike this salon in that it is not a place for discussion.  The quietness of the library means that it is not a meeting place at all.

30 June 2016

Financial Peace of Mind

It is with much relief that I have now returned to this side of planet Earth from my recent excursion to the UK.

22 June 2016

On My Way to the UK

Oh dear.  I was hoping to hold my serene salon for world peace here in Adelaide again today but I have received an urgent request to attend to political matters further afield.

21 June 2016

Duties of Enlightened Leaders

Welcome to my salon for world peace, dear guest.  

Are you here to assist me?  I do not understand why I am not at all familiar with your leadership abilities.

11 June 2016

How to Transcend Conflict Justifiably and Resolve it through Peaceful Arts

Conflict occurs for a wide range of reasons in a wide range of contexts.  It is rarely absent from the world.

08 June 2016

Overcoming Egocentrism

Understanding the needs, values, motives and emotions of other people has rarely been easy for individuals of any age.  Empathy requires people to possess the ability to acknowledge and comprehend a wide range of points of view other than their own.

30 May 2016

Foresight for a Peaceful Future

The ability to develop foresight involves successful planning more than luck.

02 May 2016

Easing Distress

When people feel under pressure they are more likely to feel threatened.  When people feel threatened, they are more likely to be aggressive.  To ease pressure is to ease distress and calm situations.  That is why I have invited you here, to my serene salon, dear guest, yet again.

25 April 2016

Wars Create Jobs and Peace Creates Comfort

You are, dear guest, invited to create world peace this week, as usual.

21 February 2016

14 February 2016

05 February 2016

27 January 2016

Aptitude, Attitude, Education, Artistry and Fairness

What will the world remember about you in 260 years time in terms of your aptitude, attitude, education, artistry and fairness?

01 January 2016

Beginning a Twaklinoviate

How will you know if and when you are ready to begin?