Friday, January 01, 2016

Beginning a Twaklinoviate

How will you know if and when you are ready to begin?

If it is to reflect the peaceful, dignified modesty of true Twaklinhood, the highest secular world of science and philosophy requires an outlook of equanimity, self respect and universal compassion.  Anyone considering beginning a Twaklinoviate will be aware of this.

To begin a Twaklinoviate, at any age, requires the ability to reason well.  With the ability to reason well, it becomes possible to form an independent mind of the highest quality.  With such a mind, it becomes possible to trust that mind to make its own well-evidenced and well-informed decisions.  This is especially the case when interacting with other minds.

Equanimity enables the mind to understand its own emotional and moral responses to every situation, with clarity.  Equanimity is not to deny emotions.  It is to have the self-discipline to understand the emotions more clearly, and to respond to them appropriately.

Are you ready to begin the Twaklinish avowal process today?