Monday, May 02, 2016

Easing Distress

When people feel under pressure they are more likely to feel threatened.  When people feel threatened, they are more likely to be aggressive.  To ease pressure is to ease distress and calm situations.  That is why I have invited you here, to my serene salon, dear guest, yet again.

Ordinary mortals often feel distress when thinking of the future.  They may also feel distress when thinking of the past and the present.  Alas, there is much work for me still to do.

I do hope you are easing distress in the world by contributing to the development, collection and preservation of the most worthy documentary heritage of humanity.  You may know that I am the ethereal proprietor of the Library of Enlightenment.

What does your own library contain in order to ease distress in your own life?

What have been your literary contributions to world peace?

Ordinary mortals, such as yourself, do not have the ability to predict the future with any accuracy, except with simple scientific experiments.  Most mortals do not even have the ability to remember the past without considerable assistance from documented history.  In addition, they often have very little conscious awareness of the present.

How are you currently contributing to historic preservation?

How are you preventing social amnesia?

For many years, I have been attempting to guide the world towards a more comfortable, prosperous and peaceful future.  Alas, my services have often been disregarded, except by the true servants of peace, the true servants of art and the true servants of enlightenment.

Where and how do you usually supply the world with your most useful services?

What are your most significant contributions to peace through compassion?

Even as an ethereal being, I have never been able to go backwards in time.  Just like anyone else with the ability to see into the distance, I can witness the past quite clearly in relation to light and enlightenment, but I cannot return to the past.

Everyone usually moves towards the future at the same speed.  Even in my own case, my usual long-distant mode of transport is still much slower than the speed of light.

Regardless of your upbringing, how will your approach to the future embrace peace and happiness through compatible values?

When have you experienced epiphanies of peace in the past?

I have not yet discovered how to put the ethereal time machine into reverse.  Nor have I yet been able to reverse light, except through the normal process of reflection.

Have you ever tried to reverse time?

Whenever I am in Nilkawt, I am often in the same timezone as Adelaide but certainly not in the same space, physically or politically.  Fortunately, I have found, according to my well-evidenced research, that Nilkawt itself will be much improved over the next four years but the same cannot be said of Adelaide, or Australia more generally, and certainly not the rest of the world.

My enlightened leadership is pleasantly appreciated in Nilkawt.  Where are you currently supplying most of your enlightened leadership, and are you efforts adequately rewarded?

In my own experience, enlightened leadership is best pursued through the cultural and intercultural accomplishments most likely to ease distress in the world.  Such leadership is enhanced by the adequate acknowledgement of distinguished predecessors.

I know, for example, there have been many salonnières in history with the ability to display enlightened cultural leadership more prominently than I have myself.  It is why I began the digital phase of my own serene salon with a discussion on strong, enlightened cultural leadership.  We must all seek appropriate guidance on such matters, from the past as well as the present. 

Strength in the 21st century should, of course, be limited to peaceful perseverance in the pursuit of further enlightenment.   I certainly hope you have not felt distressed when faced with the immense challenges and extraordinary variety of opportunities presented to you, here in my salon, and throughout Villa Twaklinilkawt over recent years.

It is now more urgent than ever for you to contribute your well-informed views and steady, calm leadership towards the creation of world peace, especially if you already consider yourself to be a strong, enlightened cultural leader.  You may wish to do so exceedingly publicly or relatively privately or simply within the gentle community of this salon itself.

As I have already stated, it is not possible for me to go back in time, hence if I go too far into the future, I may not be able to return to the same timezone and location as my dearest friends here in Adelaide.   I therefore wish to know how you may be able to ease my distress today, dear guest.

Please reassure me that your contributions to a culture of peace are at least as adequate as my own.  I do hope you are not attempting to rush towards the future or speed towards the past.  Whenever you have been late for an important appointment, I have tried my best to calm your mind and place the experience in the wider context of your existence.

I cannot observe your habits at all hours of the day or night, on every day of the week.  I do have other things to do.  How often do you avoid contributing to peace through good reasoning?

If you have been adequately attentive, you will know that I have supplied much training for peace in recent years, as have many of my ethereal colleagues.  Have you completed all the introductory tutorials yet?

The next stage of the process is about to begin and I would not wish you to fall behind.  Easing distress in the world requires all good people to work together against corruption, fraud, hubris and other abuses.  You have not yet provided me with the reassurances I seek regarding your impeccable integrity.

Any difficult task requires peaceful points of reference.  I am usually regarded, at least by enlightened leaders, to be one of those peaceful points of reference myself.

It is not necessary to compare peace with war any more.  That is not at all difficult to do.  What is necessary is to compare one kind of peace with another.  How, therefore, to you make comparisons between peace and peace?

If you can reassure me that you have the ability to maintain a peaceful frame of mind, that would certainly ease my distress a little further.  I have a tendency to explore the aesthetic pleasures of art and literature, and even history, in order to ease my distress after witnessing suffering.  It is always my duty to ease distress and suffering, including my own. Yet, can real art save the world?

As you may be aware, there is an important conference taking place here in Villa Twaklinilkawt from tomorrow evening.  As before, I am authorised to offer observer status at the Enlightened Nations to anyone willing to contribute sufficiently to the deliberations on easing distress in the world.

I am not sure whether any of those persons are currently in Canberra.  As far as I am aware, no-one there has displayed any enlightened leadership towards preventing military pollution.

It is necessary to ask all persons in leadership positions, whether in politics, the military, the business world, the entertainment world, the art world, and in community life, how they are creating world peace.  This is a particularly important question for journalists to ask, especially as tomorrow is World Press Freedom Day.  I have heard that one of my most admired and appreciated ethereal colleagues will be in the parlour here, early tomorrow morning, to present a few words on the subject.

Many of my inexperienced salon guests have often failed to distinguish between enlightenment and the West.  This in itself can be exceedingly distressing.  There is a significant philosophical journey for most people to make from the West to enlightenment.  Educational standards are certainly lax when people fail to provide enlightened rights for all humans.

It would ease my distress considerably if I knew when you will be beginning a Twaklinoviate.  As far as I have been able to gather, you have been putting of the application process time and time again.

If you are already enjoying a better world, where is that world and does it happen to be Nilkawt?

A better world brings comfort to everyone within it, within reason.  All enlightened leaders are aware that wars create jobs and peace creates comfort.  That is why I hope you will assist me as I ease distress in the world.

Who will you invite to join us?