Monday, May 30, 2016

Foresight for a Peaceful Future

The ability to develop foresight involves successful planning more than luck.

If you had the ability to foresee four years in advance without too much difficulty, what would be the sources of your knowledge and conclusions?

The basis of responsibility is acknowledgement of foresight.  This involves the ability to avoid sources of danger, based on past experiences.

In recent weeks, I have been looking at the year 2020 myself.  In view of that ability, I have been making plans. It is irresponsible to tempt fate, just as it is silly to follow unreasonable predictions.

Here are a few matters you may wish to examine in relation to your own foresight:

1. World peace starts here

2. Epiphanies of peace

3. Starting again at the beginning

4. Seventy years after another war ended

5. Journalism for peace

6. Can real art save the world?

7. Preventing military pollution

8. Creating world peace

9. From the west to enlightenment

10. Enlightened rights for all humans

11. Easing distress

12. Women of tomorrow