Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Duties of Enlightened Leaders

Welcome to my salon for world peace, dear guest.  

Are you here to assist me?  I do not understand why I am not at all familiar with your leadership abilities.

As you may have already heard, I insist upon being kept fully informed of the activities of all reasonably enlightened leaders, hence I have supplied the following notes to ensure you are reasonably aware of your duties here and in the wider world.


Politics is about making decisions with effects, and/or potential effects, beyond the self.  That is the most enlightened definition of politics used in this serene salon and throughout Villa Twaklinilkawt.  It is also the definition I have insisted upon being used in all situations Nilkawt, and anywhere else claiming to be an enlightened nation.


Enlightened leadership, and therefore enlightened politics, involves making evidence-based political decisions.  How many decisions have you already made today with effects beyond yourself?  How many political decisions will you soon be making?


The magnanimity of enlightened leaders requires such individuals to provide a considerable amount of well-reasoned philanthropy, evidence-based policy and compassionate influence.  Enlightened leaders have no prejudices.  Indeed, they always maintain clear boundaries between the acceptable and the unacceptable. 


Without clear definitions, it is impossible to provide clear boundaries.  It is also impossible, without clear definitions and clear boundaries, to know when evidence exists and when it is absent.


How do you decide upon definitions with persons who speak different languages than your own?  How do you reach agreement with people who apparently understand your language but interpret it in different ways?  What, for example, is your definition of evidence and why should anyone agree with your definition?


Unenlightened politics, and therefore unenlightened leadership, involves making political decisions without adequate evidence to support those decisions.  Another name for unenlightened politics is corruption. It leads people towards all sorts of horrible situations.


It is the duty of enlightened leaders to prevent corruption.  Free and fair elections, plebiscites and referendums are the principal measures through which corruption can be prevented.


In a reasonably enlightened society, there is a duty upon everyone to educate each other about ways to prevent corruption.  Everyone, in such societies, therefore has a duty to provide enlightened leadership themselves.  They can do so through the decisions they make and through the education and training they supply to themselves and each other.


In a free and fair election, plebiscite or referendum, in any society, every voter, regardless of gender, is a temporary prince for a few moments.  Making momentous decisions does not occur every day for most people, hence most people are only temporary princes. 


Whenever there is the fair and equitable rule of law and a consistent and reliable land registry, every debt-free, fully owned patch of the Earth is a semi-principality.  In return for the privilege of semi-autonomy in a semi-principality, it is the duty of every registered owner of land to be an enlightened leader.


Enlightened leaders, such as myself, also have a duty to put fair and effective measures in place to address corruption after it has occurred, wherever in the world it has occurred.  In Nilkawt, I constitutionally own all the land, all the soil, all the minerals, all the waterways and all the air.  The Nilkawtians have insisted upon this as a way to prevent corruption.  Who owns the environment in which you are currently situated?


As the enlightened, constitutional, ethereal head of state of Nilkawt, I am required to act above politics at all times, within reason.  All my decisions in Nilkawt are, therefore, required to be in accordance with the constitution, whenever appropriate.  My decisions are never a reflection of unreasonableness.  What is the primary basis of your own decisions?


Although I do my best to educate the Nilkawtians about their own constitutional duties, their political and judicial leaders have responsibilities far beyond my own in that regard.  This is particularly the case during elections, plebiscites and referendums.  In Nilkawt, as many decisions as possible are delegated to ordinary mortals.  This includes the duty of those individuals to educate themselves sufficiently about the decisions required them.


Throughout history, princes have usually failed in their duties considerably.  Princes, whether of the temporal or purportedly spiritual sort, are mainly meant to be the senior security officers of the societies they oversee.   Many unenlightened princes, even today, collude with other unenlightened princes to build empires.  There is nothing magnanimous or enlightened about an empire.


Owners of intellectual property also have a duty to act as magnanimous princes and enlightened leaders.  They own much of the ethereal property of the world even when they own no physical property.


Financial property has often been used to convert intellectual property to physical property, and vice versa.  Financial property itself is ethereal.  What sort of property do you own?


It is also your duty, as an enlightened leader, to ensure you are a regular attendee of this salon.  Meeting other enlightened leaders, to learn from their experiences and interpersonal abilities, is a wise thing to do.  Where do you usually meet other enlightened leaders?


Most of the people who currently live a princely existence are unenlightened and therefore unworthy of my invitations.  How do you usually make distinctions regarding categories of being?


Unenlightened individuals often reflect illusory superiority, which is why they are so tedious to endure.  Here in my serene salon, I usually expect to be considered the first amongst equals, which is why I rarely tolerate inferiors.


As this salon usually takes place in my ethereal Australian residence, rather than my Nilkawtian ones, I feel it is only fair to warn you that I currently have little influence in Australian society. 

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