Sunday, July 24, 2016

A Brief Retreat

What do you believe it means to retreat?

What do you believe it means to go on a retreat?

Do your views have a survivalist, spiritual or military emphasis or do they reflect a different purpose entirely?

Are your views based on your own experiences?

It is almost a year since my guests and I, here in my salon for world peace, reflected on the seventy years after another war ended.  Yet there have been many wars, battles, violent rampages and angry protests since that time.

I have often invited my most thoughtful guests to participate in a brief retreat to reflect upon journalism for peace.  My duties in creating world peace would be so much easier to perform if journalists would co-operate with me more respectfully.  Yet everyone is a citizen-journalist in the 21st century, mostly with no suitable training or interpersonal sensitivity.

The online training I have helped to co-ordinate and supply, through my work as the chief executive officer of the International Training Centre for the Harmonious Interplay of Beauty, Understanding and Magnificence, has provided trainee citizen-journalists with the skills with which to develop foresight for a peaceful future.  Many trainees have difficulty overcoming egocentrism.

Here are a few items for everyone to reflect upon:

25 November 2009
The gardens of Adelaide

11 August 2010
True hardworking Australians

12 October 2010
Political diaphaneity

28 March 2012
At home with Twaklin

1 May 2012
Moving images and youth unemployment

7 July 2012
A few reflections from the music room

2 October 2012
Women of nature 

4 January 2013
The current landscape

15 January 2013
Being reasonably vocal

13 March 2013
Social media and sensible solitude

9 April 2013
The great reopening of the parlour

16 September 2013
An introduction to politely interesting thinking

17 October 2013
A particularly important retreat

4 November 2014
This is history

14 August 2015
When the world is free

20 October 2015
History, happiness, hermits and husbands

11 November 2015
Patronage and Twaklinage

8 June 2016
Overcoming egocentrism

20 June 2016
Authentically authorised by the composer

I do hope you will enjoy a brief retreat in the quiet, peaceful surroundings of my Adelaidean boudoir.  I have already prepared a small, outer room for you.

There is no hurry. Take your time, at least if you already have somewhere peaceful to sit.