Thursday, July 14, 2016

A Caring Salonnière

There is never any dishonesty, coarseness or scheming permitted here in my salon for world peace, or anywhere else in Villa Twaklinilkawt.  The language here is always without belligerence and pretensions.

I am intolerant of prejudices and other forms of ignorance.  It is why my philanthropy extends into the library of Villa Twaklinilkawt for visitors deficient in enlightenment.

It is my firm belief that the arts should always promote peace and understanding in the world.  Villa Twaklinilkawt is, in many ways, an ethereal cultural centre and a peaceful, ongoing expression of those arts.

If you are a regular participant in virtual community arts, with or without the assistance of Madame Necker and her husband, you may or may not reflect regularly on the meaning of community.  Today is 14 July.  It is a day to remember the Fête de la Fédération and the naïvety of its participants.

I do not support national days or military parades.  That is because they are signs that peace is very fragile, as is the perception of unity.

There is no true unity in any society.  Myths of unity always disguise oppression.  They may even suppress justifiable opposition.

Today, in France, as it is Bastille Day, there will be military parades there.  Yet the horrors of societal instability and unjustifiable revolution are rarely given adequate attention.  Careful, considered reform must always be preferred.

As Edmund Burke has quite rightly pointed out, a swinish multitude is likely to gain too much power if civilised standards are not maintained.  Unfortunately, that gentleman did not hold the former North American colonists to the same standards as he did the French.

Freedom either has its limits or it does not exist at all.  Anyone thinking otherwise is a fool.

Yet, how can oppression be avoided?

The rulers of the United States of America have always been oppressive, as their Alien and Sedition Acts and support of slavery and inadequate wages have long revealed.  In Britain and other societies, elites have long attacked dissenters themselves or paid mobs and mercenaries to do so.  There have even been riots over the contents of libraries.

Regardless of the misguided political view of an unenlightened mob, the aggressive actions of its participants are objectionable and must be stopped.  Anyone should be able to dine in peace when commemorating historic events, just as anyone should have the right to write about why such a commemoration should focus on practicalities rather than mere theories.

When political elites and persons in poverty conspire to remove power from the educated middle class, societies becomes intolerable.  Every reasonable, well-informed, tolerant, courteous, caring and conscientious individual wants a society to be free, prosperous and peaceful.

When brutish louts with little to lose are intoxicated with one sort of substance or another, absorbed in emotional excitement, aggressive lustfulness and/or a desire for destructiveness, no-one is safe.  Those louts may be soldiers, police officers, sports fans, members of criminal gangs or terrorists.  They must be controlled and held to account as they rarely have good intentions.

It must be remembered that there was rioting in Paris shortly before the Bastille was stormed.  The main complaint was not the lack of a constitutional government, which is obviously enough of a complaint itself, but the experience of inflation.  The inflation was mainly due to the fact that France has spent too much money on military intervention during the American Revolution.

The double irony, therefore, is that:

a) The monarch's military support for a revolution elsewhere caused the downfall of absolutist France, and

b)  The commemoration of the storming of the Bastille is now dominated by military displays the French can ill afford.

Here in Australia at present, nationalistic politicians intend to spend billions of taxpayer dollars on building French submarines in South Australia.  The premise for doing so is deeply flawed, as is the foreign policy likely to lead to their use and possible destruction.

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