Wednesday, August 24, 2016

In Memory

Have you ever thought about whether there is actually a connection between memories and intended memorials?

Are many of the most meaningful memorials actually unintended?

There are now many online memorials, both intended and unintended.

Online obituaries can also act as memorials.

The most controversial memorials are often war memorials.

But what is actually worth remembering, and why?

To make "Lest we forget" more meaningful for more people in the second Age of Enlightenment, in either a sacred or secular way, or in both ways, all over the world, the Villa Twaklinilkawt Memorial Fund honours the contributions of civilians in the cause of world peace.

Through the Villa Twaklinilkawt Memorial Fund, my colleagues and I invite you to think about how you would wish to be remembered in the world of ordinary mortals after you pass permanently into the ethereal realm.  I also invite you to think about how and why you remember particular persons who are now beyond the world of the living.

Throughout Villa Twaklinilkawt, digital visitors are likely to encounter a wide variety of memorials.  Those memorials often combine historical expressions of the arts with newer, often contemporary works.  This particularly applies in relation to literature.

The Villa Twaklinilkawt Memorial Fund is not only an added contribution to those memorials but also a way to enhance the quality of memories, and their expression.