Monday, August 15, 2016

Mental Health and Peace

Health is meant to mean wholeness and wholesomeness.  It is meant to mean goodness and graciousness and gracefulness and gratitude.  It is meant to mean peace.

A healthy person is a peaceful person.  A healthy society is a peaceful society.

Saving the world intertwines the mental with the environmental to heal and provide wholeness.  It requires a quietly dignified respect for nature.

There is nothing ornamental about mental health.  It is integral, not superficial or superfluous.

When mental health is not as good as it should be, a global gathering for peaceful leadership can provide the necessary guidance and healing.  Such a gathering can take place virtually anywhere, including here in this ethereal, serene salon for world peace.

Understanding the difference between the mental and the instrumental is important, too.  This is particularly the case when acquiring observer status at the Enlightened Nations.  Distinguishing between the mental and the governmental is especially important there.

Preventing physical pollution and mental pollution are essential activities whilst involved in preventing military pollution.  The careful control of anything experimental will be required, too.  That way, enlightened rights for all humans can be upheld.

If you are involved in promoting and protecting mental health by overcoming egocentrism, you will have a clear understanding of fundamental freedoms, fundamental rights and the fundamental elements of cultural diversity.  You will obviously understand the fundamental role of education. 

For anyone moving forward with the Mozarty Party, mental health and peace are part of the harmonious interplay of beauty, understanding and magnificence.  Such persons are aware that to be fashionably au courant does not necessarily correlate with enjoying good mental health.

Anyone with financial worries, whether of their own or on behalf of the world more generally, will know that musical silver snuff boxes and good economic policies are all about understanding and appreciating value.  This is particularly true from the point of view of true hardworking Australians.

Mental health and peace require effective action to prevent nuisances from ruining everything.  Conversations and assessments may begin by talking about the weather but then more controversial subjects must be tackled.  The willingness to participate in enlightened policy debates required strong mental resilience.

Unenlightened policy debates require the strength of character with which to refuse to participate at all.  If you are wondering how to overcome distress, resisting irrationality is certainly a good place to start.

When faced with the threats of a bully, the best way to respond is by saying: Not now, Napoleon.  Never allow yourself to be intimidated.  Gain an understanding of credulity, credit and credibility.  Begin to develop your own appropriately economical and peaceful guest lists.

I often do my best to teach people how to manage an election campaign in support of mental health and peace.  All candidates for election should already be a culturally well off persons.

Journalists and citizen-journalists must have good mental health if they are to serve peace sufficiently well.  Serving a healthy society through elegant reportage is one of the highest goals of any good journalist.

There is much for anyone to learn from the justifiability and justice of equitable freedom.  There is also much to appreciate from the uplifting effect produced after participating in an introduction to admirable domestic architecture.

If you consider yourself to be mentally healthy at present, please pay attention.  If you spend an adequate amount of your time being reasonably vocal then you are likely to have the loftiest of thoughts.

You are likely to have spent much time, over recent years, in expressing peace through good reasoning.  You will carefully, honestly, magnanimously, equitably and equanimously continue creating world peace.   You will do your best to ensure overcoming egocentrism is a priority for yourself and your associates.  You will teach each other how to transcend conflict justifiably and resolve it through peaceful arts.

Many problems in the world are a consequence of distorted reasoning and the inappropriate expression of emotion.  The misguided assessment of situations leads to much misery and much injustice.  Crime is frequently a consequence of mental health inadequacies.

When reflecting upon empathy, compassion and elections, evidence must be placed above sentimentality.  Expressing the normality of enlightened virtue is a sign of good leadership, in any situation.

I am still awaiting news from my network of informed sources in relation to your own contributions to world peace.  Your additional contribution to the triumph of realistic grandeur is additionally sought by my colleagues and I at the International Training Centre for the Harmonious Interplay of Beauty, Understanding and Magnificence.

We are unsure as to whether you are consistently able to maintain an adequately elegant profile.  Your ongoing leadership in relation to enlightened democracy, desirable comments and uncensored computational conversations has yet to receive the attention of our expert mental health assessors.

When putting the heart before the course, psychological and historical factors must receive your own careful analysis, from Dresden to Hiroshima to tomorrow.

As a caring salonnière, I am well aware of the anger and anxiety in the world yet I always transcend them. I train thousands of individuals to do likewise.

You now may wish to test your knowledge regarding the proper expression of indignation.  In view of this, I have supplied a few pertinent questions in relation to frequent discussions in the parlour:

1. What are your usual contributions to the lazy politician debate?

2. How do you usually deal with more birthdays and controversies

3. When have you supplied knowledge for training purposes only?

4. Why is there a correlation between big societies and big problems?

5. Who do you believe should read The Enlightened Australian Democracy Training Manual - volume three?

6. Where have you found a beautiful plurality of independent media for quality local news in the public interest?

7. How should we think about politicians when they must think we are stupid?

8. How should Australians and their international friends feel about the official Senate, the official Census and the officially silly?

Terrorists are always individuals with mental health problems, however much they may try to convince each other of their reasonableness and however much they have been educated in a particular field of knowledge.    Their narcissism is the main problem with their attitude.

There are state terrorists, too, most often in the guise of corrupt politicians and megalomaniacs.  They often have the ability to convince law enforcement officials to act as a law unto themselves.  That is not usually particularly hard for them to achieve.  Narcissism is a widespread problem.