Monday, August 08, 2016

Political Legitimacy in Theory and Practice

When putting scientifically verifiable Twaklinological theories into practice, any reasonably competent Twaklinological practitioner will quite likely wish to be even fairer than before, and more efficient and more effective.  This is usually possible after receiving advanced training.

Anyone wishing to receive sufficiently advanced training in Twaklinology must first demonstrate a sufficient level of enlightenment about political legitimacy, in both theory and practice.

Legitimate, democratic governance is always enlightened.  Without enlightenment, there is no political legitimacy.

Unless you have received sufficiently advanced training in Twaklinology, dear guest, you are unlikely to understand the scientific basis of the 21st century Enlightenment.

An enlightened society requires an enlightened democracy, which is usually supplied through the enlightened rule of law, the continual development of scientific knowledge and an accurate awareness of history.

If you consider yourself to be reasonably enlightened, you will have regularly perused the main blog-pamphlet on display in the current main science studio of Villa Twaklinilkawt.  From that experience, you will have discovered that I am already reasonably well acquainted with a wide range of authors, artists, scientists, philosophers, musicians, their works and their lives. 

Your own artistic, philosophical and scientific experiences and preferences may be completely different than the ones to which I devote my autonomous attention.  Do you consider yourself to be reasonable?  Do you consider yourself to be an enlightened leader?

In the outer room of my Adelaidean boutoir, I have recently supplied visitors with a few beautiful notes on reason, reasonableness, reality and rationality.  I always do my best to assist anyone's desire for further enlightenment.

Yet, as I have observed from many interpersonal experiences, even scientists can be very silly at times.  They are, after all, human.

Scientists, like anyone else, can have occasional or frequent mental health deficiencies.  Such unfortunate circumstances are most likely to occur when faced with too much unreasonableness in work and life more generally.

Unpleasant persons are always devoid of acceptable rationality, which is why I am careful to ask questions of everyone I meet.  Ascertaining reasonableness is one of the hobbies to which I devote a great deal of attention.

Without evidence, any decision cannot be truly reasonable.  No-one should tolerate dangerous unreasonableness, particularly from someone claiming to be a superior.   Whenever reasonableness is possible, aggression is always irrational and therefore abusive.

Enlightened  leaders therefore do all they can to prevent, as peacefully as possible, the rudeness of supremacism.  This is particularly true when dealing with narcissists.  They have a tendency to devote a great deal of attention to themselves and often treat other people as superfluous. 

As you may be aware, strong emotions are best reflected through the arts, not through politics or other aspects of social life. Confronting unreasonableness with unreasonableness is never wise.

In hierarchical situations, and in other cases where prestige and/or aggression predominate, it becomes necessary to monitor and assess risk.  In addition, it is important to acknowledge that there are many consistently silly individuals in the world.  They are apparently unable to identify evidence with accuracy at all, regardless of the training available to them.

Silly individuals fear dangers that do not exist whilst simultaneously ignoring the dangers that do.  Observations of the sillier forms of ignorance can be most amusing until they turn tragic.

There is really little problem with benign irrationality and benign selfishness, except for the fact that the consequences may not yet be clear.  Reasonable observations of the consequences of unenlightened thinking indicate that one person's idea of being silly is another person's idea of being dangerous.  It follows, therefore, that an unenlightened person will, from time to time, probably consider a reasonable point of view to be either silly or dangerous.  I do hope I make myself clear.

Although being silly at times is part of being human, an enlightened leader is consistently reasonable, consistently dignified and willing to express a gently educational sense of humour.  Even so, there is no guarantee that any mere mortal will always behave with the reasonableness I express and promote.

Ideas about reasonableness may have a basis in genetics, though there is no excuse for prejudice.  Being aware of the facts, hence the evidence, is necessary before expressing an opinion on any subject.
You may have at least a little familiarity with a similar literary, artistic, scientific, philosophical and musical world to my own.   If so, you will know that the minds of female persons have only occasionally had a chance to express themselves with historical, artistic and political significance. 

Who truly has the right to identify significance?

Who truly has the right to establish and maintain social and political hierarchies?

No truly enlightened society would ever be undemocratic.  The combined efforts of many reasonable persons provide the only bastion against tyranny.

An unenlightened democracy is, therefore, always better than no democracy at all.   Yet the provision of an enlightened democracy is the only available measure through which to prevent dangerously unreasonable policies and practices. 

Unenlightened forms of democracy are experiments of considerable scientific interest to anyone trained in Twaklinological research techniques.  Turning those unenlightened forms of democracy into enlightened ones is the purpose of Twaklinology itself.

Here in the intimately digital and ethereal surroundings of this serene salon, you may participate in the 21st century Enlightenment to the very best of your abilities.  You may also wish to express its essence in the world around you, and even in the parlour meant for you.

Twaklinology informs the Twaklinesque, as any suitably trained individual will be well aware.  When and where did you receive your training in those subjects?

As the Twaklinesque conveys the artistic expression of political legitimacy and the Twaklinological provides scientific knowledge of artistic inspiration in the context of political legitimacy, both disciplines celebrate the supremacy of reason.  It is reasonable, therefore, to expect you to make up your own mind on such matters, at least if you mind is itself currently quite reasonable.

To endorse the supremacy of reason is not a denial of emotion or knowledge or experience or talent.  It is an affirmation of equanimity as the reasonable basis of careful thinking, cautious communication, mutually respectful relationships and enlightened decisions.

Reasonableness is always one of the simple pleasures to experience here in Villa Twaklinilkawt.  I hope you will enjoy the official tour. Your allocated guide is quite likely to ask how you are creating world peace so do please have an informed opinion to share.

It is not possible to be enlightened, or democratic, without having at least a few words to say about how peace may be suitably applied and advanced in a wide range of situations.