Friday, August 05, 2016

Strictly Confidential By Law

When something is strictly confidential, especially strictly confidential by law, it is difficult to map.

It is also difficult for anyone to know how strictly confidential that information may actually be.

Confidentiality may merely be a way to cover up abuses, negligence and incompetence.  It may also mean there are dangerous dragons lurking in the dark.

Whenever you have obtained observer status at the Enlightened Nations, have you treated the information with unnecessary confidentiality?

If you are unsure of the most appropriate way to behave when a request for confidentially is made of you, do you adequately consider the enlightened rights for all humans?

Do you ever consider confidentiality in relation to the fact that privacy is peace and freedom?

After overcoming egocentrism, have you been able to make a confidential complaint about breaches or potential breaches of your privacy? 

Have you ever used confidentiality as a justifiable tool when learning how to transcend conflict justifiably through peaceful arts?

Recently, just before going on my way to the UK, I mentioned the somewhat confidential rehearsals taking place in the music room of Villa Twaklinilkawt, here in Adelaide.  The contracts for the persons attending those rehearsals contain several confidentiality clauses.  The contracts also have several privacy clauses within them. 

You may wish to know about the questions asked at the later auditions.  These are not at all confidential:

1. How were views on privacy and confidentiality expressed in the world in the time of Mozart?

2. What are your views on privacy and Mozart?

3. Where did you learn how to be a Mozarty Party candidate?

4. How have you shown leadership at the World Enlightenment Forum?

5. What do you know about the true history of the Mozarty Party?

6. What do you believe to be the future of historically informed performances?

7. How do you intend to help promote excellent health policies with Mozart?

8. What do you believe should be kept confidential in a high quality political culture?

9. How do you intend to demonstrate the beautiful balance?

10. Why are you interested in joining a tour to count up, down and around?

11. How much of your life has been inspired by reality?

12. What do you know about the earlier, highly confidential work in the music room of Villa Twaklinilkawt?

The responses of all the applicants have been treated with the strictest confidence, even though only a few of those individuals demonstrated adequate sprezzatura.  Their names and addresses have been separated from their other responses and given special codes.  The names have also been separated from the addresses and given special codes.

In Australia, at present, there is considerable disquiet about potential breaches of privacy.  There is soon to be a Census.  Regardless of the reassurances given by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, no-one can truthfully guarantee that anyone's private information will remain absolutely confidential.

In the parlour here in Villa Twaklinilkawt, and in the Adelaidezone news observatory in the gatehouse tower, there has been much recent chatter about the matter.

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The earlier Census provided no insights into the whereabouts of dragons in Australia, though it may have provided other information of some scientific usefulness. The CSIRO has been collaborating with the statisticians on further research.

Whether any Census has ever had appropriate supervision will likely be treated as confidential by law. I am therefore unable to ascertain the facts.

A Census should always be considered in the context of contentment.  It should also be considered when supplying citizen-journalists with an introduction to the Adelaide Adagia editorial meetings.

No Census should ever be considered of marginal interest to anyone.  The information it contains, if accurate, will help to map the past, and possibly even good policies for a good future.

My own scientific research has revealed many facts about the world, including:

a) The celebratory essence of world peace

b) Anyone can be involved in creating world peace

c) Anyone can be involved in easing distress

d) Everyone should be able to have financial peace of mind

e) Everyone prospers from literature for peace

In the most private area of Villa Twaklinilkawt, my boudoir, I have taken many friends into my confidence so that they may acquire a better understanding of:

a) The necessity for a boudoir of one's own

b) The lives of anonymous women and their households

c) The truth about art, nudity, gender and ideals

d) The privacy and public lives of almost unknown women

e) The privacy and public lives of women of perpetual celebrity

f) Confidentiality in relation to sensitivity and gentleness

g) Privacy in relation to gender, sexuality, identity and social categories

My dearest, most trustworthy friends are sworn to secrecy about many matters I consider to be highly confidential.  I am sometimes unsure as to whether I should totally trust my private secretaries or members of the sublime secretariat, though I try to provide clear, accurate guidance to those persons on my various requirements:

1. Enlightened democracy

2. Peace and happiness through compatible values

3. Peace and peace

The best way to deal with the dark forces of the world is always with delightful enlightenment.  Although I am willing to provide non-confidential guidance to anyone, anywhere, there are only a few persons yet qualified for initiation into the esoteric, confidential wisdom I have the ethereal authority to convey.