Thursday, August 18, 2016

Successfully Peaceful Economic Leadership

There is very little difference between successfully peaceful economic leadership, successfully peaceful cultural leadership and successfully peaceful political leadership.

If you inhabit an equanimous political middle world, you will already be enlightened sufficiently about such matters.

Equanimity is at the heart of all good leadership.  Good leaders calmly make considered decisions.  They consciously and conscientiously maintain a tranquil state of mind. 

Along with equanimity is a set of universally suitable philosophical principles.  Those principles provide the foundation for calm, peaceful behaviours and successful practices.

Firstly, is the pioneering principle.  All enlightened leadership is, by definition, pioneering.  Its aim is to improve the world.

Secondly, enlightened leaders are not in it for the money.  The second principle, therefore, is that money is always for a purpose, namely to support the pioneering activities.

Thirdly, to maintain the pioneering spirit, a business always remains a private entity.  It never becomes a public company. A public company usually has a priority to make money.

Lastly, profits from pioneering activities in a successfully peaceful private company are for philanthropic and environmental purposes in support of the pioneering approach to leadership.

It is all quite simple and straightforward.  Enlightened leaders employ and/or support other enlightened leaders within the private organisation. 

How would you rate your qualities as an enlightened leader, in cultural, political and economic terms?

How do you make use of a variety of pioneering methods to identify the persons worthy of your support?

How do you express the following:










Successful pioneers are not only willing and able to adapt to unusual circumstances, they enjoy the challenges involved.  Will you enjoy the training required for your pioneering economic leadership to succeed peacefully ?