Monday, August 29, 2016

The Beginning of the Digital Twaklinesque Festival of Peace

Whatever your views about religion or art or politics, you are invited to make a peaceful and possibly additionally useful contribution to the Digital Twaklinesque Festival of Peace.

The festival begins in one hour from now.  It will continue until further notice though it is unlikely to last more than eighty days.

The purpose of the festival is to assist you in your efforts to create world peace.   You will obviously be expected to perform on the world stage, if only digitally, for as many shows as necessary.

Your talents as a creator of world peace are not yet adequately known to global audiences, hence I have scheduled you to be amongst the first performers in the festival.

Even if you are unable to supply your own olive branches for symbolic purposes, you will be expected to have something to show for your efforts.   How will your success be measured? What do you intend to give your audiences in the way of peaceful artistry?  What else do you intend to share?  How dedicated will audience members believe you to be towards the cause of world peace?  How do you hope to convince and influence your audiences?

The theme of your first performance will be Peace and Peace.  There has, as you will have discovered, already been plenty of time for rehearsals.  There has been almost a whole year, in fact.

The theme for you second performance will be A Genuinely Nice Person.  If you do not know how to act as a genuinely nice person, please seek advice and support from someone with the necessary qualities.  You are not expected to be an angel so something similar will suffice.

The theme for your third performance will be Creating World Peace.  You will, if you have been suitably attentive, have already received a considerable amount of training in that genre.

The theme for your fourth performance will be From the West to Enlightenment.  You are already likely to have several ideas on how to interpret that theme.

As the festival continues, and you begin to feel more comfortable with the expectations, you will be able to take a lighter approach to your artistry.   For your fifth performance the theme will be Enjoying a Better World.

To ensure you do not start to feel complacent as a performer, and as a person, it would be wise to note that the sixth theme is likely to be the most challenging.  As Wars Create Jobs and Peace Creates Comfort is likely to be a big budget production (unless your previous performances are outstandingly good), please contact your financial backers as soon as possible.

Theme seven is Overcoming Egocentrism.  Please be very careful with this one, just in case you are asked to host a reality television show and stand for public office.

Theme eight is Literature for Peace.  You will be expected to write the script yourself in its entirety.

Theme nine is somewhat operatic.  Its title provides the most accurate description of most operas:  Political Legitimacy in Theory and Practice.

If you require further assistance regarding the Twaklinesque aspects of the performance requirements, do please make enquiries downstairs:

a) How to understand Twaklinology

b) A scientific understanding of the culture of the Twaklinesque

c) Primary and quaternary sources (of knowledge and inspiration)

d) Originals and copies

e) Media kit for the second Age of Enlightenment

Creating enlightened rapport with various audiences, including dominant mass media performers and investors, is the essence of any peaceful artistic endeavour in the 21st century.  As part of your performance duties during the digital Twaklinesque Festival of Peace, you will therefore be required, from time to time, to act as a Twaklinesque tour guide here in Villa Twaklinilkawt.

Here is an overview of the practice run:

Researching in the main digital archive

Through Twaklinesque long galleries A and/or B

Extemporise whilst:
Attending a Twaklinesque literary festival

Inside the lovely walled gardens

Recite whilst:
Viewing the apparitional pavilion

Mime whilst:
Attending the ethereal workshops

Read aloud:
The official history of Villa Twaklinilkawt

Be heroic whilst:
Looking for the official sign of hope

Imagine yourself:
During renovations in the investigative unit

Select a present for a loved one:
From the post-consumerist gift store

Be poetic whilst:
Enjoying a few days and nights in a creativity cabin

Improve your skills through:
The International Training Centre for the Harmonious Interplay of Beauty, Understanding and Magnificence

Learn from:
Your allocated Adelaidean guide

Continue creating world peace whilst:
Obeying the highly serious senior security guards, moderators, monitors and beadles

If you have any questions, please contact Reality.