Monday, August 22, 2016

The Encouragement of Enlightened Kindness

The purpose of this serene salon is usually self-evident to reasonably observant guests. 

If you are a reasonably kind, enlightened and observant individual, you will probably agree that every truly kind person is a philanthropist.

You will probably also agree that true kindness is always enlightened.  You may even agree that true philanthropy, as true, enlightened kindness, is the highest form of love. 

Clear definitions are always important.  Through my own research and experience, enlightened philanthropy is a genuine expression of love towards peaceful humanity.  It is mainly supplied through the provision of information about how to create world peace and global prosperity. It often costs very little in financial terms and it is never wasteful, extravagant or demanding. 

Doing something for charity is not the same as doing something for love.  People often give to charity for their own benefit, by alleviating guilt or displaying wealth or acting to increase their popularity or influence or social prominence, or to mask their crimes.

There are, therefore, many forms of charity providing little kindness at all. They take away dignity.  They distort the truth.  They encourage fraud.  They camouflage abusiveness.

Misguided forms of kindness encourage unnecessary confusion, dependency, laziness and possibly even feelings of resentment. They may even be a source of fear, anger and poverty.

True philanthropy is mainly a display of strong, enlightened leadership. That leadership encourages enlightened kindness.  It is the type of leadership I have philanthropically encouraged and supported since first inviting you here.

I am well aware that you often require a little assistance to encourage your enlightened kindness and consistent involvement in creating world peace.  My work with the International Training Centre for the Harmonious Interplay of Beauty, Understanding and Magnificence has long supplied easily accessible introductory tutorials in support of your additional enlightenment.

True philanthropists have the ability to uphold a culture of peace.  They encourage everyone to reflect upon history.  They spend much of their time creating world peace.

Through the encouragement of enlightened kindness, true philanthropists are the upholders of enlightened rights for all humans.  Their leadership shows the way towards enjoying a better world, both materially and ethereally.

How are you currently making the world a much better place than it would be without you?

As world peace and global prosperity are intertwined, it is necessary to know the truth about that connection.   As an enlightened leader, you will be well aware of your duties.  You will spend much time identifying, reading and promoting literature for peace.  You may even spend a great deal of time providing philanthropic support for the work of a caring salonnière

I have personally and professionally found that the encouragement of enlightened kindness works best when strong, enlightened leadership is also successfully peaceful economic leadership.  As you may be aware, I have something of a reputation as a local and global expert on the subject of ethereal economics. 

If you wish to learn more about how to create global prosperity through world peace, and world peace through global prosperity, how are you willing to be of service?