Monday, September 26, 2016

Living without Obsessions

In Australia, as elsewhere, the people who obsessively want to acquire an excessive amount of political power, whether they obtain political power or not, often appear primarily interested in large amounts of money.  They want to have control of large amounts of money even without really knowing what to do with that money except to spend it on a whim of their own choosing.  They usually confuse vanity with magnanimity.

People without obsessions have the ability to view the world in many different ways.  They know that money is meant to be used to solve significant problems, especially if the money is publicly owned.

Throughout Villa Twaklinilkawt, proper investigations always take place as ways to solve significant problems and perplexing mysteries.  One of the biggest problems to solve is the waste of public money.   Self-obsessed politicians and bureaucrats spend public money in parallel worlds of little relevance to most members of the public.

There are many parallel Adelaides and many parallel experiences in other locations.  Yet most problems can be solved without money, as long as there is no obsessiveness.

Many obsessions involve distorted emotions, distorted priorities and a distorted sense of reality and respect.  It is frequently the case that limerence is a form of self-obsessed self-pity. Indeed, all obsessions are either expressions of self pity or delusions of grandeur.

How do you know you have no obsessions?

Overly confident persons are usually self-obsessed and therefore untrustworthy.

Real art is meant to reveal the truth about parallel worlds.  In your view, can real art save the world or is art itself an obsession?

Are most scientists obsessed in one way or another?

Obsessions make no sense

Understanding the facts of cultural history helps to reveal the falsehoods of propaganda.  And all propaganda is a reflection of obsessions.

Every obsession is unreasonable and therefore unenlightened.

How are you attempting to live without obsessions?

What do you think it means to be truly free?

What does it mean to enjoy a better world?

Why has the world not yet improved significantly?

How have you been overcoming egocentrism?

How have you been overcoming narcissism?

What is political legitimacy?

How do you act in accordance with peace, on every occasion, without expressing obsessiveness?

Who believes you to be a genuinely nice person, and why?  

How have you been leading the way to enlightenment?

How have you been leading the way to peace?