Saturday, September 03, 2016

To Be Truly Free

I have invited you here for breakfast this morning for a very special reason.  Please be seated. 

The refreshments are likely to be on their way from the service wing already.  You appear to be slightly late but never mind.  I shall speak and write more quickly than usual as a consequence.

The digital Twaklinesque Festival of Peace is continuing splendidly, by the way.  Although only a few of the events are free of charge, information about the main location is freely available at present.

I hope you are not here mainly in search of free tickets or free news or special offers.  I do not believe in providing charity to undeserving persons.

We have a full agenda this morning as well as the possibility of full breakfasts.

Now, as we have no time to lose, do provide me with the report I have asked you to present here on journalism for peace.  I wish to have something interesting to read whilst sipping tea.

When and where have you ever enjoyed a truly free breakfast?

When and where have you participated in truly free tutorials?

When and were have you participated in a truly free and enlightened democracy?

I am assuming you are a person with experience of such occasions.

I am especially assuming you are an individual with experience of enlightened leadership through the societal expression of freedom.

What do you usually have for breakfast?

Please feel free to offer a demonstration of peace through good reasoning.

Do you consider yourself to be a carefree sort of person?

I believe it is appropriate to start again from the beginning whenever there is a difficult problem to solve.  I do hope you have not already had breakfast.  I have taken particular care to ensure the servants of art present a deliciously substantial selection of items this morning.

As you may have noticed, I do not permit musical intrusions when the salon is used as breakfast room.  Nor do I permit any other sort of intrusion.

Only when the world is free of corruption and other forms of abuse and bad taste can anyone truly be free to enjoy peace and peace, at any time of the day or night.  A free society only exists when it has no abuse within it.

How are you currently leading a good society towards greater freedom?

To be truly free the world will obviously need to your additional contributions towards preventing military pollution.  A free market only properly exist when industrial activities enhance everyone's health, happiness and prosperity.  It does not exist when guns, bombs and bullets are sold to all and sundry.

As you are now one of the global leaders in creating world peace, you will probably have a free-ranging schedule over the next few months.  Will it involve taking anyone from the West to Enlightenment?

As I am sure you are very well aware, freedom is involved in many of the enlightened rights for all humans.  As a consequence of my right to privacy, I rarely invite anyone along for breakfast here.  As privacy is peace and freedom, I am reluctant to allow anyone to intrude upon my rights unless we have urgent work to do.

Although wars create jobs and peace creates comfort, I require your assistance towards easing distress in the world.  How do you usually express freedom of the press?

I do wish the servants of art would keep to the agreed breakfast timetable.  I do not appreciate waiting an excessively long time for my tea to arrive.  Several of those individuals have been having trouble overcoming egocentrism.  I am sure it is because they tend to watch too much television when not suitable occupied here in Villa Twaklinilkawt.

Do you ever watch television?

I insist on all the servants being aware of the duties of enlightened leaders.  Understanding priorities is necessary for everyone in my employ.

When on my way to the UK, a few months ago, arrangements had been made by my staff for me to arrive in time for breakfast in the City of London.  It was my duty, there, to provide stability in the global economy.  There is no true freedom in the presence of financial volatility.

Now, the job for which I wish to examine you is related to literature for peace, as I am sure you already know.  As a caring salonnière, and as the proprietor of a globally renowned local news service, I wish to recommend that you go off on a brief retreat after breakfast. 

There are several documents I wish to give you to read during your retreat.  They are strictly confidential by law.

There will be many aspects of census processes, birthdays and peace requiring further examination upon your return.  As the job I expect of you will require your advanced knowledge of psychology, please ensure your next report is on the subject of mental health and peace.

Ah, here is the tea now. I do hope it is followed soon by the breakfast trolley.

As you may notice, over the next few moments, the servants of art and the servants of enlightenment have been overcoming corruption with the assistance of the enlightened and talented servants of peace.  Have you been doing the same?