Tuesday, October 25, 2016


My dear guest, I usually invite you here in your capacity as a citizen-philanthropist. 

Although you may sometimes believe I invite you here through your duties as a citizen-journalist and citizen-advocate, I am particularly interested in your philanthropic and citizenship pursuits more generally.

You are not yet a citizen of Nilkawt, as far as I am aware.  Even so, I do hope you intend to be a more regular, consistent and effective upholder of enlightened democracies, interpersonal courtesies and respectable news services than you appear to have been in the past.  I seek to ensure all my guests have the imminent capacity to develop and use their talents to create world peace with the immediacy it requires.

However seemingly ordinary you appear to be, your philanthropy is an exceedingly important aspect of your personality.  How are you currently attempting to make the world a much better place than it would be without you?

I do not remember you being here for the recent discussions on media for peace.  That is a great pity.  Perhaps you were fully occupied in your citizen-journalism activities.  How do you usually engage with news acquisition and distribution channels?

A citizen-philanthropist is usually well acquainted with timelessly appropriate possibilities, suitable cultural insights, peaceful images, literary contributions to world peace, gently lively interactions, ethereal relationships, enjoying this serene salon, peace and understanding and strong, enlightened leadership. I would be most interested to know where and when you became acquainted with such matters.

All the citizen-philanthropists of my most affectionate acquaintance have a quietly dignified respect for nature.  They are often fully occupied with saving the world, expressing peace through compassion, identifying several suitable topics for discussion and supporting your peace, happiness and prosperity.  It would therefore please me immensely if you could provide an indication of when and where you began acting in a similarly worthy fashion.

If you have any citizen-philanthropists amongst your friends, family members, colleagues and neighbours, they are likely to be involved with the advance of virtue, magnificent possibilities and the expression of peaceful language.  Can you remember where and when they first acquainted you with their delightfully dignified activities?

You may not yet be aware of the forthcoming tour restrictions here in Villa Twaklinilkawt.  Ordinary visitors will not be permitted into several areas of this location quite soon.  That is because those areas are to be used mainly for the benefit of citizen-philanthropists and potential citizen-philanthropists, regardless of their citizenship.

Unlike Nilkawt, where only Nilkawtians and suitably assessed Australians are permitted to enter, I always held this salon here in Villa Twaklinilkawt in Adelaide.  You may not yet be aware of the fact that this is my private Adelaidean establishment.

As an expression of my own philanthropy, I have permitted several areas of this villa to be accessible to persons of various nationalities in recent years.  I have done so mainly in support of their education, leadership and further enlightenment.

If you want to improve your abilities and influence as a citizen-philanthropist, you will obviously continue to do your best to help the entire world find peace and happiness through compatible values.  You will make daily contributions to global peace.  You will also know that world peace starts here.  And you obviously already have an interest in enlightened democracy, enlightened morality, enlightened peace, enlightened being and arriving safely, otherwise you probably would not be here.  Who first indicated to you when and where to enlighten yourself?

The most recent two years, here in this salon for world peace, have been extraordinarily momentous, as you will quite likely already know.  In this drawing room, as well as in the grand dining room and my private sitting room, and sometimes even in the outer room of my boudoir, citizen-advocates, citizen-journalists and citizen-philanthropists have gathered to seek support and encouragement for their own peaceful pursuits.

I have done my best to provide everyone with the most suitable guidance on avoiding excessive distress.  A culture of peace requires all enlightened leaders to express a peaceful culture sufficiently in their daily activities.

My three very private private secretaries have taken my work into the social media sphere on many occasions.  You may wish to examine the evidence for yourself:

1. Social media activities of The Earl of Backoutshire, Lord Dughall Google Platter-Plus-Bugle

2. Social media activities of The Countess of Cupateeunkaique, Lady Philophrosyne Facebookian-Flabberghast

3. Social media activities of The Earl of Foolya, Lord Gregory Gobsmack-Twittering

My private secretaries also preside over several other activities on my behalf.  They have, for example, been delegated the task of supervising a grand closing ceremony from time to time.

I am, of course, often considered to be a personification of justice as well as peace.

I encourage enlightened rights for all humans.

I believe the world has a choice between enlightenment or nothing.

I invite you, and your fellow citizen-philanthropists, on a journey from the West to Enlightenment.

I provide access to an introductory training manual for enlightened peace.

I am creating world peace.

I am preventing military pollution.

I have the ability to offer you observer status at the Enlightened Nations.

I hope you are a genuinely nice person.

I wish to know, can real art save the world?

I regard Mozart as a peace symbol.

I support journalism for peace.

I know that true love is always peaceful.

I would like you to live in peace in a good society.

I am aware of the difference between a society based on war and peace and a society based on peace and peace.

I am a head of state within the Enlightened Nations.

I ensured I reflected adequately, seventy years after another war ended.

I have sought peace from Dresden to Hiroshima to tomorrow.

I am starting again from the beginning, as I usually do when faced with conflicting information.

I regularly invite citizen-philanthropists to a global gathering for peaceful leadership

I always seek peaceful points of reference.

I do my best to provide leadership for a peaceful world.

I do my best to supply training for peace.

I know where peace begins.

I understand the celebratory essence of world peace.

I encourage everyone to seek peace through good reasoning.

I will only ever endorse a culture of peace.

I am well known for my enlightened leadership.

I encourage you to seek epiphanies of peace.

I am wondering where and when you first became aware of my activities.  Are you currently a politician and/or a board member as well as a citizen-philanthropist?

It appears to me that members of enlightened governments, parliaments, congresses, council chambers and board rooms have only one job, namely to make the world a better place than it would be without them, as do members of unenlightened governments, parliaments, congresses, council chambers and board rooms.  Unfortunately, unenlightened individuals' own impressions of their duties are usually less than satisfactory when observed by enlightened, immortal, ethereal witnesses such as myself.

Everyone has a similar purpose in life to the above, though in different contexts for much of the time.  Making the world a better place is, for enlightened beings, a reasonably straightforward activity.

Enlightened leaders do not need physical monuments to themselves.  They do not even need to attend events where members of the news media are likely to be present.  They do not need to stand in front of displays of flags to give speeches.  They do not even need the endorsement of public polling.  They only need to know that they have been of sufficient service to world peace.

I am continuing to weigh up your contributions to world peace and global prosperity.  Fortunately, I have several assistants to help with that task.

You already know about my work in relation to media for peace.  What is yours?

You probably also know about my work in relation to a day to remember pleasantly.  What is memorable about your work?

You may even know about my work in relation to a peaceful afternoon.  What do you provide of similar value?

You are quite likely to know that my work helps people to overcome unhealthy habits, undignified addictions and the dangers of living with obsessions.  How do you help people?

You may know my ten simple rules for peace in the world.  What are yours?

I know that I know my own caring duties.  What do you believe your caring duties to be?

In nature, there are always limits.  There are always boundaries in nature, too. 

It is, with the benefit of suitable knowledge, easy to prevent most incidences of natural disasters.  Any disaster can be prevented with accurate information and the willingness to respect nature sufficiently.

I do not understand why so many people choose to live in harm's way without making the necessary provisions for unpleasant possible consequences.  Unfortunately, ordinary mortals are in the habit of disrespecting nature, placing themselves and their offspring in harm's way all too frequently.

Why such persons have offspring at all has always perplexed me.  It is primarily indicative of an inadequate education and a propensity for self-indulgent impulsiveness.  Whether there are any other reasons to have offspring, apart from political ones, has frequently been difficult to determine.

What shall we do with the drunken, lecherous sailors and other treacherous followers of chaos?

I am sure you already know what it means to be truly free.

Were you in the audience for the beginning of the digital Twaklinesque Festival of Peace?  You probably have something in memory of it, and of your own contributions to the festival.

The encouragement of enlightened kindness is very close to my heart.  How close is it to yours?

Successfully peaceful economic leadership is also something for which I am well known amongst equally successful leaders. I always seek the best advice and critiques in relation to my own duties, which is why I often invite you to my salon.

Unfortunately, there are foolish persons who stubbornly maintain the position that they know everything there is to know and are in no need of outside assistance or good advice.  They usually have very little understanding of art history.

Enlightened leaders, such I myself, spend a great deal of time overcoming corruption with the assistance of enlightened and talented servants of peace.  Such leaders and their servants understand the relationship between mental health and peace.  They also know how to reflect upon census processes, birthdays and peace.  What are you reflecting upon right at this moment?

There is much for everyone to learn about political legitimacy in theory and practice.  Having extensively studied the subject over many centuries, I am aware that an enlightened democracy is the only acceptable form of leadership in any situation.

Democracy itself was invented, long ago, to show that there are many fools in the world.  Whenever no enlightened leaders are available, then rostering the fools is far better than allowing a foolish dictator, or even an enlightened despot, to control everything.

Only fools would consider themselves, as ordinary mortals, to be suitable for positions of leadership.  Many fools do not consider themselves to be ordinary mortals at all, which is why they are so easy to identify as fools.

What is necessary is for enlightened persons, such as myself, to provide the necessary prerequisite training.  Unlike foolish persons, I am well aware of history.  Yet I do not understand why the expression of enlightened cultural leadership is so difficult for ordinary mortals to acquire.

I have been supplying the training myself, with the assistance of my colleagues, for many years now.

We have been teaching the more enlightened members of the public how to develop and maintain a secure and stable financial system.

We have been teaching the more enlightened members of the public how to identify information to be kept strictly confidential by law.

We have been inviting the more enlightened members of the public to enjoy a brief retreat from time to time.

I do hope you consider me to be a caring salonniĆ©re.  I always do my best to maintain peaceful relationships between people, and between people and nature.

The consequences of extremely unpleasant weather events on homes, crops and livelihoods should, when preparations are sufficient, be little more than minor inconveniences.

The movement of tectonic plates in the earth can occasionally cause major disruptions but these too can be managed effectively and efficiently when proper preparations are in place and structures are designed to withstand the forces.

When crops have a possibility of failing, stockpiles of healthy food supplies, away from danger, will have been prepared and suitably stored in advance.

If droughts are likely, reservoir supplies will be reserved sufficiently, wastefulness will be avoided and the necessity to respect the limits of nature will have been made clear to the most ignorant and/or disrespectful members of the public.

Have you written any literature for peace recently?  Does it include beautifully expressed ideas about preventing wars, epidemics, other human-induced catastrophes and natural disasters?

I do hope you have financial peace of mind at present.  If so, you will obviously have your own methods of protecting, insuring and exchanging assets.  Most enlightened persons of my acquaintance are aware that financial relationships are ethereal rather than material.

When I was on my way to the UK from Australia a few months ago, I was already well aware of the fragility of financial systems, charitable systems and taxation systems.  I am always deeply conscious of the duties of enlightened leaders in relation to unenlightened leaders.

I am well aware of how to transcend conflict justifiably and resolve it through peaceful arts.  I am also willing and able to assist anyone having difficulty overcoming egocentrism.

As I have foresight for a peaceful future, as well as foresight in relation to a wide range of foreseeable problems, I spend much of my time easing distress, whenever and wherever it is warranted.  I know that wars create jobs and peace creates comfort.  Which would you prefer?

You may have a few enlightened ideas of your own about suitable sovereignty.  You may even be aware that privacy is peace and freedom, even if you are not a head of state and/or a head of government.  You may even be enjoying a better world than most of your fellow citizen-philanthropists at present.

My investigations are continuing into your aptitude, attitude, education, artistry and fairness.  I am not sure, however, if you are beginning a Twaklinoviate now or putting off that important decision.  Who would know where and when you have studied the preliminaries of the subject?

Most citizen-philanthropists of any distinction have already begun their Twaklinoviate experiences.  They began their journey to Twaklinhood many years ago.  They reflect each day on the necessity for the Twaklinesque in peaceful minds.  They often do so with a little assistance from qualified Twaklinologists. 

There have been many lovely experiences in peaceful arts, here in Villa Twaklinilkawt over recent years.  I intend to ensure equally lovely experiences continue, even if only through my own philanthropy.  A small contribution from you and your subjects, servants and staff would obviously be something my own subjects, servants and staff would appreciate immensely.

In Nilkawt, and in the Nilkawtian Embassy her in the Adelaidezone, there has recently been much discussion about the outreach services of the Perpetual Wait.  As the Ethereal Patron of the Secular Order of the Perpetual Wait, I am keen to ensure all members of the Order are sufficiently Twaklinological in their dealings with the public, both in Nilkawt itself and in the wider world.

I express my own secular leadership in both public and private, wherever I happen to be in the world at any particular moment.  For example, here in Adelaide, I offer my most public services here in this salon.  I offer my most private services to ordinary members of the public from the outer room of my boudoir.

You may be aware that a series of serious presentations on calmness and reasonableness is being conducted from the boudoir.  Have you participated in part one?  Have you attended part two?  Were you involved in part three?

The presentations are likely to continue for several more sessions.  World peace obviously requires much calmness and reasonableness, as does interpersonal peace.

The news may not yet have reached you, however, that you have an urgent duty to perform, namely to inform the potentially enlightened leaders of your acquaintance that several areas of Villa Twaklinilkawt will soon be out of bounds to ordinary mortals.  The notice of the forthcoming tour restrictions has already been sent far and wide.

Citizen-philanthropists are usually not particularly wealthy.  They therefore cannot afford the fees for most of the training courses and other premium services supplied from Villa Twaklinilkawt.  Is your government willing to fund your further enlightenment?  Do you have a wealthy and/or influential and prestigious patron to support and possibly guide your career to its sublime fruition?

For ordinary, non-wealthy persons, sponsored free virtual tours and sponsored free virtual tutorials have long been philanthropically supplied within Villa Twaklinilkawt.  Indeed, many of the most ordinary guests, whilst experiencing this suitably serene salon, consider the salon itself to provide a considerable improvement to their educational acquisitions.

Although it is unlikely that you will continue to be eligible to visit vault number one, even if you claim to be an Adelaidean, that may change once your philanthropic credentials are verified.

Even your ability to visit vault number two is likely to be restricted soon, at least until your skills as a citizen-journalist have been thoroughly examined.  Fortunately, you will probably still have access to the training manual for Adelaidean citizen-journalists in the hallway.

Only senior servants of art, enlightenment and peace will soon have access to the training manual on the ethereal economy, over in the service wing.  The senior servants already have a considerable amount of supervision to do in relation to the training they supply.

Philanthropic assistance for the aforementioned persons will be required before the manual is again accessible to ordinary members of the public.  However, an archive has been developed in association with the manual.

You may wish to visit the service wing shortly to discover more about the manual and the archive, before access becomes restricted.  You may also wish to learn about the training supplied through the service wing.

Soon, the current main science studio will also be out of bounds to persons not known for their helpfulness, peacefulness, leadership, scientific repute, operatic awareness, sense of community, enlightenment, ongoing training and respectable careers, not just their philanthropy.

Where have you studied the science of Twaklinology?

There are many beautiful archives to assist the 21st century Enlightenment, many of which require ongoing philanthropic assistance from donors, volunteers and governments.  Archivists are some of the most highly skilled persons in the world  They are trained to have foresight.  It is such a pity, therefore, that so few archivists become world leaders in the political sphere.

There are archives with information about earlier courses about enlightenment.

There are many helpful archival records for researchers.  Whether those records will continue to be accessible to the public or locked away for a few hours, a few days, a few weeks, months, years or centuries will depend upon your activities as a citizen-philanthropist.

I have long been known as a non-belligerent advocate of world peace.  It has long been my desire to encourage the Nilkawtians, and the citizens of other societies, to seek the appointment of a suitably qualified minister for peace and justice within every government.  Such individuals are difficult to find.

It has also long been my desire to encourage open international relations.  I do hope you are a contributor to that highly justifiable pursuit.  Indeed, this salon is itself an example of my diplomatic yet open approach to international relations.  How do you usually lead by example?

Much of my work in Nilkawt recently has involved the ongoing training not only of members of the Secular Order of the Perpetual Wait in relation to their outreach work but also many Nilkawtian citizen-advocates.  In my free moments, I have paid considerable attention to the peaceful implementation and maintenance of Nilkawtian architecture, urban design and infrastructure.

Here in Adelaide, my colleagues have continued to supply training in enlightened leadership.  Yet the archival notes on their activities will soon be unavailable to non-researchers.  Even the researchers seeking to access the archives in question will soon need to provide evidence of their own enlightened leadership before gaining access to the documents they require.

Several of my colleagues will continue with their mentoring activities, as will several ethereal guests.  How do you usually learn how to deal with difficult people and various social pressures?

Unless you have already provided a considerable sum to the endowment fund of the International Training Centre for the Harmonious Interplay of Beauty, Understanding and Magnificence, or you have received a grant from somewhere to pay into that fund, you will soon be denied access to all the main archives within Villa Twaklinilkawt.

It also seems unlikely that you will be eligible to enter Nilkawt, unless you can obtain the correct visa.  Much of the work of the Training Centre is conducted from Nilkawt nowadays.

How do you usually assess your own enlightenment?

How, where and why do you participate in digital internships?

How, where and why do you participate in volunteering opportunities?

How else do you support your activities as a citizen-philanthropist?  And what are the activities, goals and experiences you are attempting to support, promote and encourage through the harmonious interplay of your mission?

I would highly recommend you complete the free tutorials as soon as you can.  They, too, will soon no longer be accessible without a permit.  Please go to the information desks for further details.  You are likely to be asked by the staff to provide a few details about your true vocation and your true success.

There is much symbolism expressed through Villa Twaklinilkawt, some of which is associated with Maat. Yet symbolic philanthropy is not philanthropy at all.  It is merely a form of propaganda.

Much purported philanthropy is little more than vanity.  That is why is is so important for citizen-philanthropists to provide the enlightened cultural leadership required.

Now, do excuse me, I am expecting several philanthropists to join me in the dining room in a few moments.