Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Peace, Quiet, Comfort and Privacy

To feel at peace often means to feel safe and relaxed, away from the prying eyes of voyeurs. 

To have nothing to hide means to have nothing between the ears.  No thoughts.  No feelings.  No self-respect.  No consciousness.  No life of one's own.  No mind of one's own.  No security.  No identity.  No choice.  No creativity.  No meaningfulness. No peace. No quiet. No comfort. No dignity.

Why would anyone want to give up privacy?  Why would anyone want to reveal their mistakes and their other indignities to all and sundry?

How do you display attentiveness without intrusiveness?

People desperate for money may do anything to keep a job, or find a job or find more than one job, or to express their greed illegally or through the hideous lens of celebrity.  There are many persons I would never employ.  I expect all my employees to have discretion, decorum and an awareness of the future as well as the past and present.

How have your own routines changed since 2013 and how have they stayed the same?

Having nothing between the ears is dangerous, even if there is a semi-active brain in there somewhere.  Creating world peace is an enlightened approach to solving problems.  It supports happy relationships and global justice.  It is very pleasant indeed.

Over many centuries, I have witnesses a considerable number of ordinary and extraordinary events.  Most of those events have been elegant and delightful.

Occasionally, however, there have been considerable incidences of unpleasantness.  The persons responsible for preventing such unfortunate circumstances have usually failed to act in accordance with acceptable standards themselves, hence the guidance I am often required to supply.

Here are a few dates from 2014 to consider as you continue to reflect upon history, the future and the routines of the past:

23 January 2014

7 July 2014

14 July 2014

10 August 2014

Is there a likelihood you will still exist in the world of mortals next year, and even into the year after that?

Regular guest here in my salon for world peace have long been encouraged by my example to express a quietly dignified respect for nature whilst saving the world.  They always express peace through compassion whilst identifying several suitable topics for discussion.  After all, my most respectable guests always have your peace, happiness and prosperity in mind, as I do myself.

Many areas of Villa Twaklinilkawt will soon be closed to ordinary members of the public.  Special permission will be required before entering most of the archives, for example.

Whether you are likely to be considered an ordinary member of the public is yet to be determined.  You may have realised that it is not every day that ordinary mortals such as yourself are invited to attend my salon.  Please take this opportunity to contribute to the creation of world peace, if you are at all able to do so.

Quite often, I find it necessary to convey to a guest the importance of conversational etiquette, particularly within a salon, a parlour, or a parliament.  There can never be peace without pleasantness.

Peace is true love.

Peace is great art.

Peace is good reasoning.

Do you have any experience of unemployment or  underemployment at all?  I believe such misfortunes are often signs of missing creativity in a society.  Employers provide unsatisfactory work.  Employees accept unsatisfactory work.  Unemployed and underemployed persons go from one unsatisfactory job interview to another.  Why is that?

If you have a significant amount of time on your hands, and an aversion to usefulness, you may know a great deal about the rivalry between Lady Facebookian and her sister-in-law, Lady Philophrosyne Facebookian-Flabberghast, Countess of Cupateeunkaique.  The latter personage is employed as one of my very private private secretaries.

Are you aware of my duties as a head of state?

Are you aware of the duties I delegate with regards to ceremonies?

Are you aware of the Nilkawtian Political Reform Commission?

Are you aware of the Australian Political Reform Club?

Are you aware of the work of the sublime secretariat of the International Training Centre for the Harmonious Interplay of Beauty, Understanding and Magnificence?

Here in this serene salon, and in your peaceful mind and peaceful relationships, world peace is likely to begin.

Peace is worthy friendship.

Peace is joyful equanimity.

Peace is respect for nature.

Peace is the harmonious interplay of beauty, understanding and magnificence.

I am sure you find, as I do myself, that it it is particularly tedious to monitor the activities of rude, ignorant, politically-active servants and politically-inactive individuals, anywhere in the world.  Preventing hubris is an arduous task, as I am sure you will know from your own experiences of politics, just as attempting to prevent laziness is equally frustrating.
Peace is awareness of history.

Peace is gentleness.

Peace is affectionate regard.

I am sure you have had embarrassing experiences with your own political servants, at least if you have any such persons in your employ.  If so, you will know that good political servants are always difficult to find, let alone keep in one's democratic service.

In my own experience, even if they start out quite well in their duties, they have a propensity to become impertinent after a very short time indeed.  Have you been an advocate of enlightened democracy for very long?

Peace is mutual respect.

Peace is appreciation.

Peace is well-evidenced compassion.

In many societies, as I have observed from many unfortunate experiences, political servants believe they own their employers' assets.  This is most disagreeable.  As I am a servant of enlightened democracy myself, it is my duty to prevent all forms of hubris. 

Peace always involves magnificent possibilities.

Peace always supports the advance of virtue.

Peace always encourages arriving safely.

On a local level, whilst attempting to correct the interpersonal inadequacies of Australians, I am fortunate to have the remarkable services of the Adelaide Adagia team.  Are you an enlightened citizen-journalist at all?

Peace is enlightened being.

World peace is enlightened peace.

Creating world peace is enlightened morality.

I do hope you will make yourself reasonably comfortable here in my serene salon over the next few hours.  You arrived into one of the smaller reception rooms, as you will probably have noticed.  Most conversations and discussions about world peace usually require the additional facilities of the grand drawing room and sometimes even the grand dining room.

Have you taken the official, virtual tour of Villa Twaklinilkawt recently?

When there is world peace there will be enlightened democracy everywhere.

Are you intending to attend the World Enlightenment Forum in January?

I have been told that unemployment and underemployment often mean financial instability.  Underemployment apparently also means lack of consistent demand for the goods and services supplied.

Both unemployment and underemployment can mean fear of the future, so I have heard.  That is why there is no excuse for anyone to express either hubris or laziness.  There is much work to be done.

To be unemployed or underemployed may provide superficial peace and more than enough required quietness.  They do not necessarily provide comfort or privacy.  Yet many workplaces now have a culture requiring staff to give up too much of their own privacy.  Managers often make unfair demands on the private lives of staff.  They use the personal details of staff in publicity for the workplace.  They also intrude into the personal lives of clients, customers and competitors.

My own surveillance is minimal.  Although I am able to be anywhere, at any time, I do not wish to frighten or annoy anyone.