Friday, March 03, 2017


Many reasonable guests have already arrived for the latest gathering of my salon for world peace.  They are all sober and respectable persons.  I never tolerate aggressiveness or debauchery.  Nor do I tolerate unreasonable lateness.

In the past, I have rarely held this salon in March.  There are usually too many distractions in Adelaide in this month each year.  The last time I held my salon in March was in 2011.

There are quite a few different points of view often expressed on the topic of peace, in any month of the year, in any location around the world.  It is therefore important for visitors here to examine their own opinions with adequate clarity and universality.

I do not recall you being here last month.  Do you have a reasonable excuse?

Many of my guests today are waiting to hear how you define peace and understanding.

What is peace?

What do peace and understanding truly mean to you?

Oh, I should also mention that I am still awaiting confirmation of your contributions towards strong, enlightened cultural leadership.

Have you been supplying strong, enlightened political leadership recently?

You appear to have been absent from my first salon of 2017 as well as the second one.  Presumably you were expressing your leadership elsewhere.

I consider it reasonable to ask you whether you intend to be here on Friday 7 April, in the timezone of your own convenience.  If you do not attend, and have no reasonable excuse for not being here, you are unlikely to be invited again.

Possible topics next month are likely to include all the humanitarian issues you have not reflected upon adequately over the past month.

Are you a social entrepreneur at all?

Are you a protector of mental well-being and environmental health?

Do you have a sufficient grasp of history?

Have you acquired an adequate awareness of the abuses perpetrated in the name of religion all over the world?