Friday, May 05, 2017

An Information Kit for World Peace and Global Prosperity

I have been told that your efforts with regards to all the essential tasks required of you, as a strong, enlightened leader, are yet to be sufficiently documented by the relevant investigators associated with Villa Twaklinilkawt.  Those persons have been having a great deal of difficulty finding enough evidence of your achievements.

Alas, I am therefore required to ask you to supply the necessary reference documents yourself, at your earliest convenience.  There is great urgency in my request due to the fact that facts are in short supply in relation to global leadership at present.

There has been some speculation, amongst the highly qualified investigators, that you are either lazy or incompetent. 

Although there is little I can do to encourage you to express a more dignified level of motivation, I can offer you the opportunity to receive suitable training in the efficient and effective provision of world peace and global prosperity.

Please indicate your willingness to learn these essential skills before the offer closes.  I have provided an information kit to assist the improvement your decisions-making abilities.

Information Kit - Part One

1. Introduction

2. Invitation

3. Psychology

4. Society

5. Creativity

6. Assistance

Information Kit - Part Two 

1. Support

2. Reflect

3. Remember

4. Contact

5. Tour

Information Kit - Part Three

For registered patrons only

1. Leadership

2.  Conduct

3.  Democracy

4. Policy

5. Reform

6. Debate

7. Refresh

8. Learn

9. Fund