Friday, June 02, 2017

Several Delightful Introductions for a Peaceful and Prosperous World

I am always seeking new ways to benefit and enlighten my regular digital guests, here in my salon for world peace.  I am also willing to assist all the enlightened philanthropic patrons of my acquaintance.

One of my main diplomatic duties is therefore to supply delightful introductions.  Many of my guest are, of course, sufficiently well-known patrons, as I am myself.  No doubt you are a similar sort of personage.

If you have concerns regarding my expectations of you, I am happy to supply you with a little assistance to enhance your contributions, particularly if you consider yourself to be a member of the media.  How often do you attend a levĂ©e
or pay levies towards the various privileges you receive?

You appear to be reflecting very carefully indeed on the matters under discussion, dear guest. What is on your mind at present?  Are you worried about the cost of a levy I may impose upon you for the privilege of being here?

It is now winter in the Adelaidezone, of course.  C'est la vie.  Are you feeling warm enough?

I do not recall you being here in winter, or in any other season, during 2011 or 2012 or even 2013 or 2014.  This suggests to me that you do not understand the necessity for timeliness.  Delightful introductions always require the recipients to be in the most suitable place at the most suitable time.

Do please catch up with the enlightenment required of you, if at all possible.  I certainly would never wish you to bore my other guests.  It would be most embarrassing for me to introduce anyone to an ignorant non-entity.  And my guests always expect a warm welcome here, whatever the season.

How did you contribute to world peace in 2015?

I have to admit I am beginning to be somewhat impatient with you.  Presumably you are here now for several delightful introductions for a peaceful and prosperous world.  Why do you believe you are worthy of such privileged societal pleasures?

And how did you contribute to world peace last year?

My regular invitations to you are likely to lapse tomorrow if you do not make amends sufficiently today.  Now, who are you expecting to meet here, and why?