Friday, July 07, 2017

Enlightened Leading

Today, dear guest, I have three very important questions for you to answer as wisely as your abilities allow:

1. How do you express your enlightened leadership?

2. How will you improve your enlightened leadership?

3. How are you creating world peace and universal prosperity?

I am still awaiting your answers to several other important questions:

1. Do you have a quietly dignified respect for nature?

2. Do you display enlightened leadership?

3. Do you promote a culture of peace?

4. Do you express peace through good reasoning?

5. Do you know where peace begins?

6. What were you doing seventy years after another war ended?

7. Do you contribute to the Enlightened Nations?

8. Have you ever experienced a good society?

9. How can you prove you are a genuinely nice person?

10. How often have you had observer status at the Enlightened Nations?

11. How are you really and truly creating world peace?

12. How are you upholding and promoting enlightened rights for all humans?

13. Have you recently been enjoying a better world?

14. Do you believe wars create jobs and peace creates comfort?

15. How have you been easing distress?

16. Do well do you know how to transcend conflict justifiably and transcend it through peaceful arts?

17. What do you believe to be the duties of enlightened leaders?

18. What were you doing when I was last on my way to the UK?

19. When was the last time you went on a brief retreat?

20. How many members of your social networks are overcoming corruption with the assistance of enlightened and talented servants of peace?

21. What have you been achieving through the encouragement of enlightened kindness?

22. What do you personally know to be peacefully in memory?

23. What were you doing at the beginning of the Digital Twaklinesque Festival of Peace?

24. What do you believe it means to be truly free?

25. How would you describe a day to remember pleasantly?

26. How have you been supporting citizen-philanthropists?

27. How much do you value peace, quiet, comfort and privacy?

28. To whom have you been sending out important invitations?

29. In terms of your own actions, what are the most significant global consequences?

30. How have you been preventing presumptuousness?

All my questions to you are merely an indication of my desire to assist your accountability, resilience and integrity.  Enlightened leading usually requires significant reflection and I always do my best to help you in that regard.

Would you like some tea?  

For many years, I have been seeking your enlightened contributions to my suitably inclusive, digital, international serene salon on the subject for which you have purportedly long claimed expertise.  Unfortunately, there appears to be little evidence to verify your success, or even your courtesy.

I have provided you with many chances to prove your credentials at my monthly Adelaidean salon.  Please respond before it is too late, preferably by supplying a neatly written and suitably succinct summary of your enlightened efforts in relation to the harmonious interplay of beauty, understanding and magnificence.

Here in my salon for world peace, I have long invited your contributions towards many urgently required tasks:

Your ongoing invitation

Guidance in relation to your contributions

With enlightenment

Most people require a little assistance if they are to make the most of their lives.  I am obviously concerned that you are not yet doing your best to make the world a much better place than it would be without you.  This especially applies if you currently consider yourself to be a member of the media.

This welcoming, serene salon has long been conducted with the assistance of Reality and several of my other assistants.  This is not a place for fake news, propaganda, unverifiable opinions or belligerent buffoonery, except in the name of art.

If you are an artistic sort of personage, what are your contributions to peaceful arts?

I should mention that Reality now permanently inhabits Nilkawt rather than the Adelaidezone.  This may cause you some confusion.

When I am able to know, with any certainty, that you have a peaceful mind and a philanthropically enlightened approach to the arts, I may provide you with further access to many enlightening areas of this Twaklinesque location. Enhancing your peaceful creativity is most definitely a priority here.

As I am sure you are already well aware, through this salon I provide suitably dignified support for elegant expressions of enlightened thinking.  I do so for the philanthropic benefit of all persons wishing to be of adequate service themselves in the world of ordinary mortals.

There are many distinguished individuals expected here soon. How are you likely to compare yourself with those personages?

It appears, from the information I have already received about you, that you are not one of the most prominent creators of world peace at present.  You are practically unknown to the servants of art and enlightenment who have been attempting to monitor your actions, and your inaction, for several years now.

As you pursue world peace in accordance with your own tastes and preferences, there will be many significant questions to reflect upon, as my introduction today will have indicated.  For example: Why have you not yet succeeded in creating world peace?

In this location, you are expected to behave as a strong, enlightened cultural leader.  The same applies to every other guest.  There is never any competition for true leadership.

Aggressive expressions of social and political power, status and prestige are usually motivated by vanity.  That is, indeed, most distasteful.  True power, status and prestige are never acquired through narcissism or bullying.   Reasonably admirable qualities are acquired through strong, enlightened cultural leadership.

Yet being an enlightened being is not enough when there is important work to do.  There is no dignity in being enlightened and lazy.  Of course, there is no dignity in being unenlightened, either.

More about strong, enlightened cultural leadership

One of the profound mysteries of the universe involves the perplexity as to why anyone relatively reasonable would be averse to enlightening conversations, particularly when conducted with the utmost courtesy.  Enlightened leaders always have enlightened minds.

Alas, unenlightened person are usually either psychologically immature, pitifully ignorant, maliciously intolerable or extraordinarily stupid.  If you believe yourself to be relatively ignorant in relation to my other guests, please do not feel too embarrassed if they appear to pity you.  I always expect my guests to express compassion.

I also expect my guests to be creatively imaginative and immensely practical.  You have been invited here primarily for your alleged problem-solving abilities.

Although my official salon is likely to take place here only once a month in the months ahead, I do, from time to time, host relatively intimate, somewhat informal gatherings.  Those occasions are mainly for registered patrons of the enlightening pursuits conducted from Villa Twaklinilkawt. 

Presumably you are some sort of patron already, regardless of your current socio-economic status and haphazard acquisition of enlightenment.

Does anyone consider you to be an enlightened philanthropist?  If so, what is your understanding of the wheel of history?

Perhaps you have a medieval mindset and prefer to consider the wheel of history to be a wheel of fortune.  That would be a great pity.

Do you usually act with enlightenment?

Although the date is yet to be determined at which my philanthropy towards you will cease, I shall expect you to show a timely, appreciative interest with regards to your own enlightened leadership in the weeks and months ahead.

Are you a strong, enlightened person?

A strong, enlightened person needs 
Assistance, not attention.

A strong, enlightened person gives 
Affection, not abuse.

A strong, enlightened person has 
Clear boundaries and standards.

A strong, enlightened person seeks 
The truth.

A strong, enlightened person shows
Compassion, based on reason.

A strong, enlightened person gives 
Good guidance and is fair.

A strong, enlightened person is
An influential leader.

A strong, enlightened person 
Always cares.

A strong, enlightened person upholds
Safety with good hygiene.

A strong, enlightened person makes 
World peace.

A strong, enlightened person does 
A fair share of the cleaning.

A strong, enlightened person fills 
A niche.

Enlightened peace needs
Strong, enlightened leaders.

Enlightened peace creates
World peace.

Enlightened peace is
Serenely comprehensible.

Enlightened peace is
A release.

Do invite all the truly pleasant persons of your acquaintance to participate in creating world peace with you, even if that will sometimes mean tackling a few thorny issues.  I hope my guidance on such matters may alleviate many of your anxieties.

I also hope you will assist me in creating world peace, wherever you may usually be in the material and digital worlds of the 21st century.  An ongoing discussion is well underway here on the topic of peaceful relationships.  All strong, enlightened relationships are beautiful, peaceful arts in themselves.

As a consequence of my ongoing duties as an immensely prolific writer of invitations, please accept this opportunity to contribute more successfully to the creation of world peace yourself.  Your own creative activities, and their social consequences, are highly significant indeed, no matter how powerless, confused or frightened you may sometimes feel.

My ethereal staff and I are always authentically and affectionately warm, rational, sober, attentive and cheerful.  We always convey the desire to be appropriately responsive to your needs, regardless of our other priorities.  How do you intend to reciprocate?

Many dignified digital visitors to this ethereal little Adelaidean villa, and especially to my serene salon within it, have already made the very wise decision to be peaceful themselves.  They certainly avoid unwarranted antagonism and impertinent provocation.

Do you have an appreciation of enlightened adequacy, dear guest?  Are you an advocate of peaceful arts

Of course, I always expect all my guests to be suitably appreciative, though not necessarily in a direct or ostentatious way.  No-one respects a sycophant or vulgarian.  That is why an enlightened leader is selective in many ways.

How do you approach the task of being selective?

Political parties, for example, have a great deal of difficulty in selecting suitable leaders.  Why is that?

As you may have noticed, you are the first guest to arrive here today.  Do make yourself comfortable.  This is the 100th occasion upon which ordinary mortals have been invited to attend my serene Adelaidean salon.

Who greeted you upon your arrival at the gatehouse of Villa Twaklinilkawt?

All persons in my employ are expected to do their best to assist all visitors, within reason, as are the volunteers.  Are you some sort of volunteer for world peace?

I frequently find that the most ordinary guests here are happy to enjoy the hospitality without supplying the reciprocal courtesy of creating world peace with the urgency it deserves.  It is necessary for all guests to be appropriately attuned to enlightened etiquette:  Creating world peace is, after all, the highest form of interpersonal pleasantness.

Perhaps you would be so kind as to introduce yourself sufficiently over the next few moments. I obviously wish to know all about your enlightened leadership in relation to world peace and global prosperity.  Are you an advocate of enlightened democracy and quality journalism at all?

How long have you been an ordinary mortal now? Do you have any hopes of becoming an extraordinary one?

Enlightened, philanthropic assistance is often required by ordinary mortal persons in the 21st century.  That is why I have invited you here.  Are you suitably aware of my activities as a philanthropist?

When you arrived in this salon, you may have been welcomed by my newest Adelaidean assistant.  My ethereal, Adelaidean household staff and I find it so enjoyable to assist all guests with their own contributions towards world peace.  Our primary desire is that you will always arrive safely and peacefully, and on time, at your chosen destination.  Are you a servant of art and enlightenment at all?

I shall provide only a few refreshments here in the drawing room as I have other engagements to attend in the dining room later.  What do you usually find to be most refreshing?

As you may have noticed, this drawing room is remarkably peaceful before all the guests arrive.  It is often rather crowded then, though I do my best to ensure a calm yet stimulating atmosphere can be maintained.

Where did you learn your table manners?  And when did you acquire the skills with which to improve global diplomacy and local politics?

I certainly hope you have never found it pretentious or impertinent of me to invite you to attend events here in this modest digital dwelling.  There are probably many other salonnières competing for your presence, attention and enlightening insights in the 21st century, many of whom offer grander spaces and richer foods than I do myself.  Would you like a wholemeal scone, a gluten-free cream puff or a cucumber sandwich?

Whatever your preferred experiences in the material world, as long as you wish the same level of peace for everyone else, my household servants, administrative staff and educational colleagues and I shall wish you well.  Even so, do please excuse the Australian political servants if they behave inappropriately.  I have consistently provided them with suitable training though they are exceedingly inattentive.  Are you a regular recipient of enlightened guidance?

As long as my guests are happy to indulge my enlightened desire for knowledge, I am pleased to feed their respectfully curious natures.  Desires for democratic deliciousness always require suitable sustenance and a safe, serene society.  Even so, a heavy discussion, like a heavy meal, is not good for one's political appetite.  How do you ensure balance in your diet and your opinions?

Many of my regular guests are currently partaking of lighter refreshments in the parlour.  As I know from many previous experiences, they are likely to discuss this salon further afield in the days and weeks ahead.  What are the motivations and intentions underpinning your plans for the future?

You have my permission to share the essence of this private conversation with your friends and acquaintances, once you are suitably, artistically equipped.  How many relevant tutorials have you successfully completed recently?

Before the other guests arrive, do tell me all about yourself and why you have accepted my latest invitation to attend this salon for world peace.  My duty is to assess whether you have sufficient integrity to be invited here in future.

Reflections on earlier experiences of this salon

Appreciating peaceful minds

With a little assistance towards your ongoing enlightened leadership

Enjoying peaceful arts

How to interact appropriately with (other) members of the media

A tour of the drawing room

Are you expecting to be entertained later in the dining room?