Friday, September 01, 2017

Peaceful Election Procedures

Overcoming ignorance is the key to developing enlightened, democratic communities, possibly even in Australia.  The process begins with the ability to seek out the most enlightening news sources.

Frequent dialogues of enlightenment help people to understand future possibilities better.  Enlightenment does not tolerate low standards or double standards.

There is much dishonesty in the world.  When people are dishonest with themselves, they can only be considered to be unenlightened.

How can you prove you are enlightened?

How can you prove you participate in peaceful election procedures?

The Mozarty Party Policy Advisory Committee is an international group dedicated to peaceful election procedures.  As you may be aware, without peaceful election procedures there are unlikely to be peaceful governments and peaceful societies.  The committee is therefore keen to ensure all societies have peaceful election procedures as soon as possible, preferably with your assistance.

Since his 260th birthday, Mozart has been known to enlightened beings as Mozart 260.  Were you at his 260th birthday party last year?  Were you at his birthday party this year?

All enlightened beings understand the necessity for rehearsals.  At least 260 days are required each year for rehearsals in preparation for the year to follow.

Is it possible for thousands of players, all over the world, to play in time, and in tune, all at the same time, on even one day of the year?

Should elections have much in common with great musical performances?

Should government policies have much in common with great musical compositions?

Peaceful election procedures are opportunities to study future possibilities.  They are quiet times in which the imagination can think about better societies, without unpleasant or unnecessary intrusions.

The Mozarty Party is a universally relevant and always elegant political party.  In every society, the Mozarty Party addresses the key issues and the true scale of every problem.  Inadequately peaceful election procedures are discordant and often cacophonous. 

The Mozarty Party has a worldwide reputation for being in tune with the times.  Its policies will always be music to the ears of enlightened beings.

Electoral reform is, therefore, certainly a priority of the party's global campaign team.  Why have the majority of the world's voters not yet voted for enlightenment?

The Mozarty Party has an appropriately celebratory and commemorative approach to musical and political issues.  It works constantly to promote and assist the 21st century Enlightenment, world peace, global prosperity and great music.

In view of the above, the Mozarty Party expresses a creatively excellent, well informed and gentle approach to relationships, art, politics, justice, good policies and enjoying life.  Ethereal membership continues to be free - for anyone, anywhere (apart from Nilkawt).

The Mozarty Party is, of course, supremely inclusive but never mindlessly populist or inappropriately intrusive.  The Nilkawtians, as the world's most peaceful people, do not require political parties to have significant influence in their society.

Who do you believe should have significant influence in your society?  And why should they have that influence?

Universal prosperity requires healthy environments, healthy societies and useful activities. Members of the Revolutionary Climatological Needlepoint Committee consider their group to be the most useful one in the world: Durable home furnishings are absolute necessities in any climate.

I am obviously still involved with the exceedingly important work of the aforementioned committee, just as I am committed to continuing my influence within the Mozarty Party.

To furnish mere mortals with the truth regarding a durable and endurable environment necessarily involves enlightening them about peaceful election procedures.  There is no reason why any election should be messy.

In many societies, peace itself is a revolutionary idea.  Why is that the case?

Even enlightened election outcomes are somewhat revolutionary in most parts of the world.  This is usually a consequence of inadequately peaceful election procedures.

You, dear guest, must now decide very soon whether you seek to be elected to my advisory team.  What are your essential qualities?

Do you ever consider your elected representatives to be part of your advisory team or are they somewhat unreliable and untrustworthy?

How long have you been supplying the world with beauty, understanding and magnificence?

Are you a member of an enlightened political party, any enlightening committees or other peaceful entities?

Peaceful election procedures begin with your strong, enlightened leadership.  You will be able to overcome all sorts of corrupting influences.  You will encourage people to take well-informed action against problematic practices, offering suggestions on how to improve all sorts of situations.

Over recent years, I have been encouraging the improvement of Nilkawtian society to such an extent that Nilkawt is now the world's most enlightened society.  I shall, therefore, again turn my attention mainly towards improving Australia, though I have regularly been asked to support the improvement of many other nations.

You may wish to establish a social media group in support of my leadership.   If so, do let me know:

twaklin (AT) gmail . com

Do ensure beforehand that you have already completed Creating World Peace 101.  And please provide an outline of how you intend to contribute to the 2018 World Enlightenment Forum.