Dining Room

Welcome to 

the grand dining room 

of Villa Twaklinilkawt

Just below us is the grand hallway, of course.  Are you feeling hungry?

As you may have noticed, only a small gathering is expected here at present.  The table can quite easily be extended for larger parties, though most larger parties take place in the room for celebration.

You may also have noticed that the dining room is also an indoor garden.  A wide variety of fresh salad greens, soft fruits and refreshing flowers and herbs are grown here.

The fountain at the far end is called the fountain of peace.  It is automatically activated whenever a discussion becomes excessively heated.  You may wish to wash a few soft fruits or hard-hearted politicians in it.

Please do not worry about any cats on the prowl here.  They are robotic, not psychotic.  They will only trip you up or jump up at you if your language or manner display hostility, irrationality or any other form of discourtesy.

Are you currently meant to be in the reception room or the drawing room instead of here?

The glass ceiling may be opened or closed, depending on the weather and the politics of the occasion.  Mosquito screens are automatically activated whenever the roof is opened to the sky.

The opening of the glass ceiling is activated from the boudoir.  The closing is activated from the archives.

The roof can also be closed completely when the weather heats up more than the discussions.  When that occurs, a wondrously frescoed panel is revealed.  Would you like to see it?

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