With a little assistance


Dear ordinary mortal

It is quite obvious to the ethereal proprietor of this location that you require a little assistance.  If you are to enlighten yourself appropriately about all sorts of important matters, including your own leadership, please pay adequate attention to the following matters:

1. Where you are

You are undoubtedly insufficiently familiar with this exquisite, digital location. Therefore, please note that you are now imaginatively situated on the dignified piano nobile of a somewhat grand, online Adelaidean residence, Villa Twaklinilkawt. 

A serene salon for world peace is regularly held here.

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2. Who you are

When people are sufficiently reasonable, and therefore willing to pursue sublime serenity in a consistent way, they usually do so with empathy, equanimity, eloquence and elegance.  Only when enough enlightened leaders guide peaceful minds in practical pursuits will world peace becomes a possibility. 

The present peacefulness of your mind, after making the necessary comparisons with other minds, appears to suggest that you have ample room for improvement.

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3. Why you are here

You have obviously arrived here of your own free will.  However, willingness is not the same as ability.  For that reason, your talents as a potentially enlightened leader will require appropriate nurturing and supporting for the remainder of your mortal existence.

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4. What is expected of you

Silly ideologies are for silly idiots, not avant-garde practitioners of the Twaklinesque arts.  The political use of the arts in the service of an ideology can quite easily be counteracted through the expression of art in the service of peace and the expression of peace in the service of art. 

Ideologies will always create conflict.  Peaceful arts counteract unreasonable conflict and solve societal problems fairly.

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5. Where to find additional assistance

With a little additional assistance, anyone can be involved in creating world peace quite easily.  The regular salon here reflects the peaceful mind of a strong, enlightened cultural leader, interacting in peaceful relationships through peaceful arts whilst creating world peace.

That leader is you.

A little more assistance