Your Invitation

Dear purported creator of world peace

For many years, Her Illustrious Highness, Twaklin I, the reigning Ethereal Grand Duchess of Nilkawt, has been seeking your enlightened contributions to her international serene salon on the subject for which you have long claimed expertise.  Unfortunately, there appears to be little evidence to verify your claims, or even your courtesy.

You are generously to be given another chance by Her Illustrious Highness to prove your credentials, by attending her monthly Adelaidean salon.  Please respond before it is too late, preferably enclosing a neatly written summary of your enlightened efforts in relation to the harmonious interplay of beauty, understanding and magnificence.

The following numbered questions are merely a guide to assist your accountability:

1. Do you have a quietly dignified respect for nature?

2. Do you display enlightened leadership?

3. Do you promote a culture of peace?

4. Do you express peace through good reasoning?

5. Do you know where peace begins?

6. What were you doing seventy years after another war ended?

7. Do you contribute to the Enlightened Nations?

8. Have you ever experienced a good society?

9. How can you prove you are a genuinely nice person?

10. How often have you had observer status at the Enlightened Nations?

11. How are you really and truly creating world peace?

12. How are you upholding and promoting enlightened rights for all humans?

13. Have you recently been enjoying a better world?

14. Do you believe wars create jobs and peace creates comfort?

15. How have you been easing distress?

16. Do well do you know how to transcend conflict justifiably and transcend it through peaceful arts?

17. What do you believe to be the duties of enlightened leaders?

18. What were you doing when I was last on my way to the UK?

19. When was the last time you went on a brief retreat?

20. How many members of your social networks are overcoming corruption with the assistance of enlightened and talented servants of peace?

21. What have you been achieving through the encouragement of enlightened kindness?

22. What do you know to be peacefully in memory?

23. What were you doing at the beginning of the Digital Twaklinesque Festival of Peace?

24. What do you believe it means to be truly free?

25. How would you describe a day to remember pleasantly?

26. How have you been supporting citizen-philanthropists?

27. How much do you value peace, quiet, comfort and privacy?

28. To whom have you been sending out important invitations?

29. In terms of your own actions, what are the most significant global consequences?

30. How have you been preventing presumptuousness?

Now, here is your formal invitation:

Her Illustrious Highness

Twaklin I

Ethereal Grand Duchess of Nilkawt

magnanimously invites you

dear ordinary mortal

to attend

the serene salon for world peace

in Villa Twaklinilkawt

in the Adelaidezone

digital arts quarter

of Adelaide in Australia

on the first Friday of each month

at a time of you own convenience

into perpetuity



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